UC Regent Retreat Liveblog A.L. (After Lunch)

2:11 PM – We’ve started talking about the Commission on the Future presentation of the five working groups!  The first working group is Size and Shape of the UC, chaired by Chancellor Blumenthal (Banana Slug) and Professor Cynthia Brown (Gaucho).  Size and Shape is two aspects – External size, how it affects the state; and Internal, decisions that we can make on our own without external aspects.  Quality is the value that is held very high by the Chancellor.  They’re hoping to put up a website later…which means it’s not created right now…which means I can post it up yet. =(

2:16PM – Dean Edley (Cal) has started talking about Educational Curriculum workgroup, chaired with Professor Keith Williams (Aggie).  Edley speaks about political implications and fears from the faculty, and how to make sure they are okay with the outcomes of this committee.  Talking about a university-wide listening tour for the faculty from the committee.  Edley talks about the difficulty navigating between mangieral and faculty-perspective of which academic displines or teaching styles should be prioritized.  Emphasis on shared governance.

2:22 PM – Chancellor Drake (Irvine) and Student Regent Jesse Bernal (!) talks about the Access and Affordability working group for the Commission on the Future!  Drake compares the corrections system to the higher education system “Students would do better at the University of California, than at a Prison.” the state should recognize that.  Propz to Drake!  Also differing the terms of cost and affordability (financial aid, he argues, would make it affordable in comparison to high/moderate cost).

2:30 PM – Jesse Bernal starts talking about the UC Student Commission on the Future, to gain student input.  Access is more than just getting students to college, but also retaining students in college and getting them to degree – student services is also important to quality and attainment.  Also gives big propz to Mark Yudof and Russ Gould for including students in this process.

2:30 Pm – (damn my fingers getting tired.)  Funding Strategies workgroup chaired by VC Steve Olson (Bruin) and VC Gene Lucas (Gaucho)! Everyone is talking about listening tours for the working groups to gain input. Talking about Budget Situation, Data Collection from other states, seek expert testimony about possible strategies, senario testing about different options (putting them through models), moving toward recommendation and concensus.

2:30 PM – Research Strategies – co-chaired by former Academic Senate chair Mary Croughan (UCSF – do they have a mascot?) and Chancellor Yang (Gaucho).  Consult faculty who are research leaders and also those researchers who are on the come up.  Research input from various constituents, including undergraduate research!  Propz to Yang for “The leading research is closely tied to teaching and service.  The best researchers are also the best teachers and the best public servants.  We’re intertwining research to the undergraduate experience.”

3PM – Regent Island makes two really interesting points.  The first is that in the Commission in the Future of developing a functional future, we should not lose the possibility for us to create a better political future for the UC among the state.  The second is that the Educational Curriculum workgroup should look towards faculty in their work, and have faculty develop ideas and sell it to the workgroup, not the other way.  Finally (there were three points), we should add outsiders to the working groups – develop ideas and buy-in from the important leaders of the state of CA.  And Finally Finally (he has a lot of good points here) we should reexamine what do we mean by the word quality? In this day and age, has the meaning of quality changed for us? Do we need to reexamine the Master Plan, and what does it mean to us?

3PM – We’re transferring to the Community College Transfer Task Force, by Dean Edley. Dean Edley talks about how the task force had to adjust to the budget situation – his recommendation then, is low-cost or no-cost, and also incremental and modest. First recommendation is a strong message on transferring as a good post-secondary education pathway.  Marketing transfers better!

3:15 – Dean Edley’s last recommendation formaking transfers easier – common academic calendar.  Moving all institutions to semester system (yes, even you, Anteaters) – almost all the CCC’s, CSU’s use semester, it’s mostly UC that is really off on the schedule.  He wants to move past the inertia and make it work!  Dean Edley made eight different recommendations, which were all pretty common sense.  They range between all on semester system, support for more transfer marketing, more computer-based conseling resource for transferring credits, and Lower Division Trasnfer Preparation.

3:30 The Regents are rapidly running out of time in their Retreat, so we’re going to skip towards presentation from the leaders of CSU and CCC systems.  Chancellor Charles Reed and Chancellor Jack Scott.  CCC Jack Scott talking about the transfer task force, as a positive example.  But also CCC’s are taking an 8% budget cut this year from the state, that’s including increasing CCC student fees.  Jack Scott also has a great accent.  Top CCC transfer locations:

University of Phoenix, National University, Chapman University, DeVry University.

Which is sad, because UC transfes are only half of the number that are transferring to those in state private colleges.  We’re definitely trailing here.  Community Colleges are overenrolled (the state is not paying for these students) by 3-4 percent!  This means that most CC campuses reduced their schedules to significantly save money.

4:10PM – Chancellor Reed is going to try reduce enrollment of CSUs by 30K by 2010 – a response to the current model of funding in the state of CA will not work.  30K students are about half of the students that he’s not being funded for.  That’s definitely rpetty hardline talk.  This s*** just got real.  Reed also says that they could improve the transfer system like State of Florida, they would save 100million dollars. DANG.  This man talks hard talk.

4:20PM – This deserves another paragraph – Chancellor Reed suggests that we do away with the 12th grade “nothing happens there anyway”, and redirect those resources to the community colleges.  Also a Title 1 program for higher ed – institutions that take more than 20% of Pell Grant students, also get funding for support services for those students.

4:30PM – Jack Scott is talking about students who go through so much struggle and debt to go through college, only to be lead astray by some private, for-profit educational institutions after Community Colleges.  They pay a lot of debt only to get very little valuable education.  This is indeed a great sadness.  Chancellor Reed talks about reducing enrollment while continuing diversity.  Regional empahsis, choosing students from the region of CSU before anybody else, choosing out of state students last, and adjusting admissions standards.  Good thoughts, definitely.

4:40PM – State of Florida getting a lot of love for the ability for their systems to get transfer students to succeed.  They common course numbering, also really easy to transfer courses and make it worthwhile to transfer credits.

4:50PM – Regent Lozano really asks the hard questions and breaks it down – Chancellor Reed’s three points. 1) reduce enrollment, 2) recognize diversity of state of CA, especially Latino/Chicano, 3) smooth over transfer process.  Is what Chancellor Reed really talking about is having the new diversity in the state of CA, go through the transfer process instead directly to CSU, and thus reduce enrollments to CSU.  Chancellor Reed restate his committment to diversity, both African American churches and appeal to the Latino Chicano community.  Committment to graduate 12,000 mothers(?)  But interesting question, definitely.

5PM!  We’re done!


One response to “UC Regent Retreat Liveblog A.L. (After Lunch)

  1. I had a good experience as a transfer; I wonder if it would be cost efficient to turn transfering into the normal mode of entry into the UC? It seems like the CCs could teach general ed classes cheaper than UC can (with much smaller class sizes to boot). Is this something the Commission on the Future intends to examine? Thanks.

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