Big Day, Big Discussions, Regents Meeting Day 1, pt 3

I know, this is insane!  it’s only afternoon, and we’ve already split up the Regents Meeting into three parts.  Just wait until tomorrow, when the subreport on Diversity comes towards the Committee of Ed Policy!  We’ll be live blogging about that as well, it’ll be really exciting!

12:35PM – Regent Kozberg – Will we not be sued over this mid-year fee increase?  Like the Kashmiri v. Regents case (btw, I saw Mo Kashmiri in the audience today protesting, word up to an OG).  Also, will we get any more stimulus funding from the Federal Government?  It’s possible, but most of that stimulus funding is going towards K-12.  We’re not goign to bet on it.  General Counsel believes that we are right now legally solid on doing a mid-year fee increase.

12:40PM – Lt. Gov. Garamendi argues that the budget deficit will soon drop so deep, that student fees won’t be able to compensate.  So we shouldn’t attempt this – instead, we should look at a oil severance tax and generate new income and revenue from the state.  He mentioned this last meeting of Regents – he really believes in this.

12:46PM – Regent Island: he annouced that this will be the first year, for the first time, but maybe not hte last time, he will vote for a student fee increase, mid-year and end-year.  He says this because Sacramento has been hard outreached to by UC, there has been our cost cuts in UCOP and on the campuses.  We are at the end of the road, many major movements have been made, student fee increases are all that are left.  He will vote for it.  Sad day.

1:10PM – Regent Marcus expresses he will not vote for any grad fee increases, he believes this is the lifeblood of the UC that drives our research and teaching – he also asks how are these programs being called out for being cut?  The chancellors are the ones that are making these decisions, not UCOP.  Interesting thought.

1:20PM – Regent Designate Hime: I hope the Lt. Gov. when he leaves this board and gets into his election of Congress, that he passes a bill that allows us to tax internet sales tax – would create 4.6 billion dollars for higher education.

2:22 We were at lunch, but now we’re back!  Professional Fees are looking at increasing admissions anywhere from 200-5200 dollars!  The School of Public Health is looking at significantly larger jumps in fees especially, above the 7-20% that other schools are looking at.  Berkeley Public Health program is defending its proposed increase because it will fund important diversity and support programs that they are losing with the budget cuts.  This includes the Office of Diversity, scholarships of students of color that we’re losing to private colleges who provide better packages.

2:33PM Out of the 44 programs that propose charging higher fees – 7 are programs that would be charging fees for the first time.  13 are raising propose raising fees from 5-1, nine propose with increases ranging from 7.1-10 percent, 13 propose increases of 10.1 percent and higher 9up to 64.6%)  However, 20 programs need exceptions to the professional fee policy (that means, they’re increasing over 6% in the re-estimates of the three year plan).  Those 20 programs need to bring reports on how they’re going to maintain diversity and access in November with their fee increase.  Also 24 programs will expect to meet the requirement that their in-state total resident charges for 2010-11 will be at or below the total tuition and/or fees charged.

3PM – Sooo…we’ve come to the end of the Open Session (for now) for the Regents meeting.  We’re now going into Committee on Compensation, Health Services, etc.etc.  So I can’t twitter or liveblog this part, orrr be accused of treason to the University of California.  Or something horrible like that.  No, but serious.  No liveblog.


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