Regents Meeting Day 2! It’s a Marathon! All 26.3 Miles!

11:35 AM – Before you know it, the Regents meeting is over! It’s been a hard three days for the student regents, check back tomorrow for our debrief of the meeting and some highlights! Also check back daily for articles, updates, and more that’s going down in “Whose University? Our University!”

11AM – Regent Marcus speaks out strongly against the opening of King and UC’s buy into that. He says that UC is already involved deeply in one problem with fee increases and the educational mission of the UC – we can’t afford another potential problem by King Hospital. He argues that the County of LA, with all the failsafes that we’ve put in this collaboration, is not a reliable partner of the hospital. He argues that if this falls through, the UC will be held liable, both politically and fiscally, and we shouldn’t take that risk. However, it is mentioned that the UCalso supports a number of county hospitals.

10:30 AM – Regents are going to start drill MLK Hospital through. Blum: Is there a Legal obligation with the state where they have to help us fund the MLK hospital? Also, there is a 100m line of credit to keep the hopsital going, funded by the county. Will that exist in all times of finance? Or just the beginning? Yes. The state is obligated to help us pay for hte hospital, and get matching funds for the Fed. Also, we only have 100m of the credit, If you drive down 50m, then all you have left is 50m. Zettel: What about the accusations of quality of care and liscening in the past? In the past, the Hospital was counted for the Board of Supervisors – that’s where the Hospital was reporting to. That would no longer be true, we think that would change a lot of decision making. Island: I really support this project, I really like it. What happens if the County defaults just to get the 100m line of credit (that would be also matched to the federal 100m line of credit)? Yes, but that credit would only go to the hospital, it would not go to the County. The county would be out and hurt publically if they did not adeqauately fund the hospital. Regent Johnson: Will the fees of King be comprable to our other hospitals owned by the UC? There is a small positive margin of profit to this hospital, but that’s intending for the payer mix of King Hospital (50% no insurance, 50% Medical). So we’re not delusional about whose attending this hospital. A lot of focus here on the letter of credit.

10:05 AM – We’re moving towards the Committee on Health Services. The Big issue here is the discussion on the MLK hospital and reopening it. The MLK hopsital would have an emergency room, but no trauma. It would be a private, not-for-profit corporation. This is because it wouldn’t distrupt the current flow of public money going to other hospitals in LA, and most financial protection for UC and LA. Also talks about the governing structure, the board of the company would be shared between the UC and the county of LA. 10-12 physicans hired full time, UC employees, that would oversee medical services in the facility. Other physicans would be found through the contracts and other employees would be hired exclusively by the hospital – not UC employees.

10AM – I shook the hands of Speaker Bass. So cool. So cool. So cool. Same hand that shook Walter Mondale’s hand last night. Never washing this hand. Perserving this hand in a ziplock bag. We’re now talking about the Dept. of Energy Labs – Lawrence and Los Alamos. Regent Pattis is very passionate about the labs and the research that they do, it’s great. I think he’s convinced me to go visit Lawrence Lab sometime. Apparently they’re creating artificial retinas.

9:20 AM – Public comment has started – there is a lot of labor here talking to the UC Regents about furloughs and quality healthcare. Theres also some students here talking about student fees and increases. UC Davis student in particular, asking Regents to work harder on state issues, and Celina from UCSB also telling the UC Regents that she is willing to lobby with them at Sacramento.

9:05 AM – Speaker Bass talks about the Circle of Vaccum, the Circle in South LA where 6k individuals live without any nearby healthcare. Individuals in this area have 1 bed in ratio to 1000, in comparison to CA average of 2 beds to 1000. That puts the area on par with Iraq, closer to Afghanistan ratio than CA. Speaker Bass lends her support and help, and also reveals a little bit about her health background. President Yudof and Chair Gould both lend their support, and hope they can also work through the issues of King Hospital. November mtg will be (hopefully) the vote for reopening the Hospital.

9AM – We have a lot of groups here in support of the opening of King Hospital. LA Chamber of Commerce, Community Health Coalition, SEIU, Legal Services Health Patient Center, Alliance for Better Community, Health and Justice Coalition, Accumental (?) Congress (a body of African American churches in coalition). When you have business and labor in the same boat for opening the hospital, you know something’s important. Obviously there is a lot of the cfommunity of South LA is united for this effort – it’s interesting to hear what the UC Regents might say on such an issue.

9AM – MLK Hospital is often the only attainable healthcare in South LA for miles. They need this hospital to continue quality healthcare. “This is a community in desperate need of healthcare. We have lost over 1000 beds in the last couple years.” They need the hospital to also provide training for the doctors and physicans for SoCal.

8:45AM – Walked in a little late, got called out by Yolanda Nunn Gorman (Alumni Regent, super friendly Regent) for walking by the other Regents waiting for me on the bus so I could go get Starbucks. Fail. The County of Los Angeles is here presenting to us about re-opening Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital in Los Angeles. We’re hearing from City Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, CEO of County of Los Angeles, Dr. Norris Assistant Dean at UCLA. They would like to re-open King Hospital (with them making a financial committment of building up the facility) while UC provides the doctors and physicans


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