Work In the Office of the Student Regent! (UC Irvine Branch)

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills, broadening your networks, and, most importantly, taking a stand in what you believe in for the betterment of your entire student body in the UC-system? This year, UC Irvine is proud to present our very own Jesse Cheng as the University of California Student Regent Designate. Meaning, this is your chance as a UC Irvine undergraduate to tap into this resource in order to learn, grow, and network on a level that will impact every single UC campus and influence California’s own governmental process.

The Student Regent Office is accepting 8 interns and one Logistics and Press Secretary this year. Please view the applications attached to this email for further descriptions about each position. We are looking for students who are passionate with current issues, such as the 32% fee increase, serious diversity reviews, enrollment cuts, and declining CalGrant/Financial Aid. Interns and secretary are going to have the chance to analyze policy, organize and develop teach-ins on all 10 UC campuses, work with UCSA on grassroots organizing, and receive intensive organizing and leadership training. The interns work around 5 hours a week, and the secretary works around 10 hours and gets a 1000 dollar stipend.

We here at the Office of the Student Regent encourage all students from all backgrounds and ages to apply for this position. There is always room to grow and to learn, as long as you are dedicated and passionate about the potential and responsibilities of the Student Regent.

Please submit the application by Thursday, October 15th at 5PM to, with the Subject line saying, “Office of the Student Regent Application.” You are allowed to apply for both positions.

IMPORTANT: In your EMAIL (not in your application), please state what times you are available for your group interview. If you cannot make any of these times, please note that in your email and we will try our best to accommodate to your schedule. We will email you back by Thursday night at 8PM with your assigned interview time.

Friday, October 16th:

Monday, October 19th:

Again, we encourage you to take this once in a lifetime opportunity and apply. Although the deadline and interview are coming up fast, don’t let it discourage you! If you have any further questions, please contact Jesse Cheng at or Doris Su at Thank you for your time, and we look forward to hearing from you!

You can download the Application for the Logistics Press Secretary position here:  logisticsapp

You can download the Application for the Intern position here:  regentapp_intern

Thank you, and I hope to see your applications soon!


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