Liveblog! Commission on the Future Tomorrow!

Sorry this has come out so late, but tomorrow will the second Commission on the Future meeting – being held at the Marriott in Oakland’s City Center!

Again, we’ll be liveblogging directly from the Commission on the Future table – so stay tuned!

The Commission on the Future just came back mid-way into a listening tour around the UC campuses – we’re probably going to hear perspectives and the results of that tour.  Look to see if there are perceptions that the tour gained any trust or sentiment among the UC community, what kind of issues faculty/staff/students/workers are worried about, and the directions the co-chairs are taking the working groups now that they’ve had feedback on the Commission!

There looks like they’re going to be a list of A-List speakers tomorrow for the Commission on the Future – from former Presidential Cabinet members to former UC Presidents!  Check out the list and the agenda here!

Commission starts at 9AM, so stay tuned!

P.S. and don’t forget!  Regents meeting – 17th-19th next week!  32% fee increase, diversity sub-report, are all on the table!  It’s exciting stuff, come see the agenda here!


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