Liveblog from the UC Regents Meeting November! (Hi, UCLA!)

Hey! This is the Liveblog for the UC Regents meeting!  For the agenda and items, be sure to check out the UC Regents meeting here:

And if you’re looking to stream audio:

4:20PM  The long-range Berkeley plan will create enough dorms to house 100% of all first years and 50% of all second years!  That’s super impressive, especially given Berkeley’s space constraints.  That’s around 900 new student beds!  The plan also reinvests into the libraries, which is nice.  it’s interesting to see how these plans are working not to depend too much on state funding, because the state has become an extremely unreliable partner, especially in capital projects.   At Berkeley, the majority of that state funding is going to seismic programs and capital renewals.

The longrange berkeley plan has extensive expansion into the city – over 80% of money spent are spent on the southside or the downtown of the city right next to the campus!

4PM – UC Riverside talking about it’s long-range building plan…it seeks to create a critical mass of on-campus students, to help promote social interaction and to create a greener campus.  They also hope to create a front-door to the campus, to reaffirm communication with the region around UCR.  It will be centered around the park, and hold more public facilities to help build the bridge between Riverside and UCR! Sounds really cool! =D

They also wanna expand the Historic Barn complex, add outdoor dining and entertainment!  A new University Club as well!

This is really interesting: UCR’s building philosophy rests on a couple principles: mainly; quiet sense of order, and design harmony without monotony.   That’s cool, who knew!

3:30PM – Patrick Lenz (VP Budget) is currently asking the students to pass the capital improvements budget to be submitted to the Governor’s office!  In total, the University is asking for 631.5m from the state in capital outlay projects, mostly in bonds, with only around 700k coming from the general budget.  The issue then is that the electorate has to pass a bond measure for UC to get that money.  The state just passed a 11b water bond for November, so there is another large competitor out there.  Regent Shilling asks a really good question about whether we could get this bond passed by CA voters, Regent Riess offers her, and other politically active Regents support!  Yay!

3:30PM – the Committee on Ground and Buildings just approved a design for a new student dormitory on the Berkeley Campus!  Anna Head West Student Housing!


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