statewide protests of fee increase – an anthology

Hey! Just a disclaimer!  In no way am I telling you to go to any of these events or protests about the fee increase.  However, I feel like they should be documented, and we should be in tune and communicate about these kinds of things.  But whatever you’re doing, whereever you’re at, please be safe.  And keep the others around you safe.  This is a really passionate time, and that’s great, but its especially times like these where we should make sure that the people we care about and we’re around are secure.  Understand, that tonight and tomorrow night, at Covel Commons, CSOs and Police will be all over the place.  And tomorrow morning, the Bomb Squad will be replacing them.  BOMB SQUAD.  So PLEASE, be careful, be reasonable, and don’t get hurt! Best of luck!

This is an ongoing collection and database of the statewide things that we at the Office of the Student Regent are hearing going on this week in response to the fee increase/UC Regents meeting!  Please post or comment if you know of other things going on, we’d love to put them up as well!  If someone could remember to throw a tomato at my head, so I can feel like a full-blown Regent, it’d be much appreciated!


I’m hearing that occupations are going to go down at UC Riverside and UC Santa Cruz (at the very least).  To be real with the Banana Slugs, this is not the first occupation they’ve done, probably won’t be the last.  They’ve taken over two buildings before, so I just want to make sure that the history is represented with that!


If you are on a UC campus but you want to be at UCLA for the Regents meeting – there are probably buses on your campus that can take you to the Regent meeting for Thursday.  Most of them leave tomorrow – one in particular is being organized by Issac Miller at UC Berkeley’s campus…and most buses being organized by AFSCME unions on the campuses…sorry I can’t post the link here, but know that it’s out there.  With a little work and luck, you’ll definitely find it!  I can say that ASUCI at Irvine is doing rides up and down from UCLA.  Contact IMMEDIATELY to get on the list for the rides.

I think this is something that I really do want to push is for students to attend this Wednesday UC Regents meeting.  It’s really important that when making really crucial decisions like this about student fees, the UC Regents feel the weight of their decisions.  They might not change their decisions, but they should be held to making their decisions very thoughtfully and heavily, and I think this is a good thing.  I know a lot of campuses are organizing for Thursday – but this is after the discussion on fee increase has already happened.  You want to be there for the Wednesday fee increase discussion, happening at at 10:45AM at Covel Commons.  Get there early so you can find seating, cuz the space will fill up fast!!  Find the agenda for the UC Regents meeting here:


Go to the website for details, there is a press conference, public comment plans, etc.etc.


They're doing a three day strike/protest, with a lot of events going on...just check out their fancy poster!


And, as a student, one of just the largest things that I’ve ever heard about, that even as a Regent, I’m going to admit is epic…is Crisisfest at UCLA.  Crisisfest is a party at UCLA after the Wednesday Regents meeting – I assume in protest of the fee increases, but they just seem to have a lot of events going on.  It’s the party aspect of the revolution, is what they’re saying.  It’s definitely a crazy progressive party.  Check it out:

There is a crazy agenda here for Crisisfest…I just want to marvel at the scale of it:

5PM: Dobrega (music: electronics project)

Banner, Flyer and Poster Making Begins (All day event)

Literature Table with Zines, Articles and other info on the budget cuts (All day event)

530PM “Latin American Poetry Reading:
Spanish & English Translation,
Lectura de Poesias Latina Americanas: Espanol / Ingles”
(Poems Provided / Poemas Suministrados)

Screen Printing Workshop (some materials provided but bring your own if you can!)

6PM: Dodgeball Match #1

“Protest Poetry of the World at Large” (Some poems provided, but bring copies of your favorite poets’ works to share with the group. Afterwards we will write our own poems to disseminate.)

6:30PM “The K-12 Resistance” (Discussion)

“How to Make Vegan Desserts” (Workshop, samples provided)

7PM Naima Earth (experimental/jazz band)

“An Absent Future?: The International Student Movement” (Discussion)

7:30PM “Third Worldism and the Global 60’s” (Presentation / Discussion)

8PM Costa (d.j.) DANCE LIKE MAD! (goes till 930pm)

“How to Get Involved in Community-Powered Radio” (Workshop / Discussion)

8:30PM GENERAL ASSEMBLY: Short presentations & open discussions on 4 of the broader issues: race, war, capitalism & the future of the student movement.

9-930PM GENERAL ASSEMBLY continues.

930-10PM GENERAL ASSEMBLY continues

10 PM In Sepia (Band)

“The Struggle of Undocumented & AB540 Students” (Discussion)

11PM: Midnight Radio (Band)\

“Civil Disobedience Training” (approximate time, may vary)

“Vows on a High Place: A Ritual Without Spirituality” (Ritual)

12:01 AM YOUR acoustic performance / generalized jam session

Dodgeball Match #2

Confirmed performances with unconfirmed times:

Spoken Word
MORE Workshops & Discussions
MORE bands

I know.  I know.  It’s craziness.


And I never wanna forget about my neighborhood over at UC Irvine – we’re doing a teach in explaining what happened at the UC Regents meeting on Wednesday to UCI students.  It’s going to be on Wednesday, 6PM, ICS 253.  Show Up!  Be there!


If there are other thigns going on, just post it in the comments or email me!  Thank you all, again, this is not saying that I support any of these events, but I do feel like they should be documented and students should know about them!  Thanks!


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