Stay tuned! Students will be making noise

As stated in the previous post, student actions will be taking place in protest of tuition hikes across California. In addition to sending students from each UC campus to UCLA to protest at the Regents meeting, individual campuses will be making loud and visible statements from home. Berkeley is having a three day student-led strike; UC Santa Cruz will be staging occupations; and of course UCLA will be experiencing a mass protest. Beginning Wednesday evening, a coalition of students, faculty, unions, and workers at UCLA will be hosting Crisis Fest, an all-night party for protesters complete with educational workshops and entertainment ( There has also been word of protests taking place at CSU campuses, namely Fullerton and San Diego.

The state budget cuts to education will be affecting ALL California public students in the upcoming year. For the UC’s, this is just the beginning. Get ready to hear your state get loud everyone!

And once again, those participating in the protests, take care of yourselves and each other!

If you want to know what will be taking place at the Regents meeting check out their agenda:
and for audio:

For the latest updates on happenings, stay tuned right here for liveblogging beginning tomorrow at the Regents meeting, and check out our twitter:


One response to “Stay tuned! Students will be making noise

  1. These days ever precious dollar in higher education counts. Why does one of the top universities in the world have to spend $3 million of taxpayer money for consultants to do what should be done internally by UCB Chancellor Birgeneau?
    Who teaches auditors how to audit? Do UC professors not have the knowledge to perform what they teach?
    Having firsthand knowledge of consulting, I know one cardinal rule, “Don’t bite the hand that pays you.”
    In a nutshell, we have a high-paid, skilled UCB Chancellor who is unable or unwilling to do the job he is paid to do. Why do we wonder that UC and California are in a financial crisis!
    I’m sure taxpayers would not object to the $3 million payout if the money is reimbursed by taking money from the UCB Chancellor’s salary over the next 10 years.
    Stop the spending of $3,000,000 on consultants by President Yudof and the UCB Chancellor and do the job impartially and internally.
    These days ever dollar in higher education counts

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