UC Regents Liveblog, Nov. Edition Day 2!

Hey!  The office of the Student Regent will be liveblogging here on the UC Regents meeting, from the UC Regents table!  Follow the UC Regents meeting here for the most up to date information about the meeting!  we’ll be talking about the project you can, the uc system, foster youth in the UC system and more!  Check out the agenda for the UC Regents meeting here!http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/regents/regmeet/nov09.html

12:45: The vote just passed. the meeting is over.  updates soon.

12:40PM – Regent Marcus just suggested to divide the item for professional fees.  He would like to take out the school of social work and public health fees out of the professional school fees.

12:30PM – http://www.fox40.com/news/livechannel/ watch the protest livefeed here!  I’m seeing 1000 students outside, i’m also seeing some students getting arrested by the police…please be safe and unarrested outside!!  we can hear you clearly in the room, definitely many students outside.

12:16PM – The new director of the Berkeley National Labs is now giving some quick comments about his new hire.  “Redouble our efforts to step up and solve some of thhe most difficult scientific and technical challenges the nation faces.”

12PM – we’re just blasting thru committees to get to the final vote!  three committees just went through…now in compensation, after skipping thru energy and finance!  The quick votes were on grad student health insurance, which got very very very little discussion, it just moved thru vote.  But this is a good thing for graduate students to have, it is a step towards standardized graduate health insurance.  Committee on Compensation is currently hiring the new director to the Berkeley National Labratory – to replace Stephen Chu, who has left to become the Sect. of Energy.  A good hire, with substaintial amount of experience in energy and management.

11:40AM – Judy Sakaki (VP of Student Affairs, great friend of students) now talking about the struggles of foster youth during this difficult time for hte university of california – important discussion!  Foster youth have no fmaily support, morally or financially.  although covered by financial aid, they have to deal the beaurucracy of that work.  they also have no moral or mentor support in UC, where it’s important that advocates like staff advisor like Ed Abeyta and Professors are important to have them there.  A really touching story from a UCLA foster youth…these students in the UC are the reasons student services, access, and affordability are so important here at the university.  Also talks about the importance of mentorship here – a mentor helped her rise up out of her struggles at UC.  such mentors should be recognized and promoted.  She also talks about the difficulty being foster youth here with fee increases, state disinvestment, etc.etc. – how will we protect foster youth and make them feel included in the UC during this time??

11:24AM – President Yudof, at the beginning of the Committee of Education Policy, is talking about Project You Can and the expansion of Blue and Gold Plan.  He mentions the 1billion dollars Project You Can as an “aggregate of the current campaigns”.  He also speaks directly to the media  about the expansion of the Blue and Gold Plan – saying that the media needs to spread the message that if you’re under 70k, students can afford the University of California.  Regent Lansing speaks to the same point, talks about the Blue and Gold Plan messaging.

Public phase of the fundraising campaign called “Invent the Future”, the UCSD effort, is before the Board of the Regents for approval.   UCSD only has 13% of graduate students out of the total student body, while most peer publics have 30% and privates have 50%.  UCSD Also only funds 3m dollars of shcolarship monies to undergrads, while UC Berkeley does 18m.

11:20AM – Students were just ushered outside from the public comment…the final vote on hte board of regents is scheduled for noon, for people who were wondering.

11:10AM – Studnets are protesting and hosting die-in outside…

10:55 AM –  Public comment has started…the word on the street is that only five students were let in for public comment…but hte gallery is pretty empty…UPTE workers are speaking.  Students from UCI and UC Merced are lined up to speak!  Protestors are upset outside that they can’t get in, I’m getting text messages saying that the crowd might be splitting up…
Olivia Lee and Branden Hawara from ASUCI (UC Irvine) are speaking at the public comment.  “You’re asking students to bailout the UC system”.  Students speaking about how difficult it is to go to school with siblings who are also have to go to college at the same time.

10:05 AM –

Flashmob at 10:30AM outside of Covel Commons…students are going to have a die-in http://ow.ly/DLu9

9:05AM – So the regent meeting has started!  Chair gould has split public comment in two sections, one for MLK Jr. Hospital, and then they’re going to clear out that portion, and then open it up again for public comment about other items on the Regents meeting!  Speaker Karen Bass, Supervisors of LA County, Doctors, and the President of the State Senate are all here in support of reopening the MLK Jr. hopsital in conjunction with UCLA.

Students are really upset outside, they feel like they’ve been shut out of the meeting.  Chair Gould has just called a special sessino of public comment just to tlak about the reopening of MLK Hospital.  After this, they probably will open back up the gallery, have students come in, and the other public comment session will begin.

The Board of Regents is talking about the reopening of MLK Jr. Hospital in South LA.  It’s a devastated area with no near medical care, that desperately needs a hopsital in the area.  They are asking for UCLA to bring in doctors, while the L.A. county provides a letter of credit of 100m dollars, and 353m capital investment/commitment in the buildings in the area!  Regent Lansing tlaks postiively about hte plan for reopening of MLK Jr. Hospital, “I think you have protected us well financially”.  Regent Island: “The community needs this facility (crowd: yes sir!).  More than that, the community needs UC involvement in this facility.”  “no arrangement is without some risk…this arrangement will be no different.”

Thank you to the NY Times for quoting the blog!  We appreciate the report and the attention!

Regent Island: “There are moments where I’m very proud to be UC, like reopening the MLK Jr. Hospital.  There are moments where I am less proud, like yesterday, where I voted for student fees.”  It was a very eloquent and touching comment from Regent Island.  Speaker Bass now speaking, offering her continual support in reopening the MLK Jr. Hospital, and urges the Board of Regents for a vote.  President Yudof: We also look towards these speakers to support the UC in our state lobbying efforts.  we have pins for all of you!  Regent Marcus: I still think this is a financial trouble for the UC – we could provide the same care without getting involved financially in the hospital.  Speakers: I feel like the financial committment is strong, we need to be financially involved in that hospital, that way we can provide the best resources for our doctors and where they preform.  It’s really beautiful to see UC Regents coming together to really help South L.A.

Quick Break!  Here’s a graph on how student fees have increase (and how much state investment has decreased) from the OC register (thank you professor @judifranz)

Regent Pattiz about the MLK Hospital: “None of us can afford ot fail in this enterprise.”  For sure, Regent Pattiz.  I really like him, he is for real, a guy who does real talk.



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  1. LATIMES should get on it!!

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