One 15% increase in tuition in the spring of 2010, another 15% increase in the fall of 2010, and a 2,300 student cut from freshman enrollment. This is now the reality we face as UC students. This marks the first time in UC history that students will have to pay an annual tuition over the 10,000 dollar mark. The students’ message, however, that they will not stand for these tuition increases, and will continue to beat through the days to come and show the public that this a generation of action.

Fortunately for students, while attempting to increase tuition, the Regents have also increased student activism and have motivated California into action. Students from all over the state descended onto campuses such as UC Berkeley and UCLA on Thursday, marching with picket signs reading messages such as “FAIR CONTRACT NOW” and “STOP CUTS TO EDUCATION AND RESEARCH.” The protests are predicted to continue throughout the rest of the week, as students fight to show the Regents and the public that their undying efforts to keep education affordable will prevail.


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