Langston Liberated — for now

Update on the Liberate Langston Library event this Friday. Events are still scheduled as planned:
3PM Teach in
4PM Study-in inside Langson Library!
5PM -All Night: teach-ins, workshops, films, music, food, quiet study areas, and group study areas.

However, administration has acted quickly in response to protesters planning to occupy the library for an all night study-in against the reduction in hours (as a result of the budget cuts, UCI libraries have been closing early, at 8PM from Monday-Thursday and at 5PM Friday-Sunday).

Rather than pay police overtime for “increased security” during the study-in, the University has decided to instead use funds to keep the library open 24 throughout finals starting this Friday.

There is discussion among protesters as to the possible services that may be cut next as a result of this extra spending.

While some protesters frown at this attempt to “appease students,” others call it a small victory.
Indeed, “Direct action gets the goods!”


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