Yesterday’s Budget Write-In

UCI Write-In

People say students at UCI “don’t care.” After attending the write-in on
Tuesday, I couldn’t disagree more. Though the event was modest, held at the
Phineas Banning Alumni House in UCI Extension, the turn out was anything
but. The room was filled to capacity, with students both undergraduate
and graduate, faculty, and even administrators coming and going throughout
the night. The purpose of the event was clear, to remind our California
Senators and Assemblymen of the importance of reinvesting in education
through the written word. Participants were supplied with sample letters and
contact information to help give them a good start, but it was clear that
everyone had a special message of their own to share with our senators and
assemblymen. After seeing the length and depth of some of these messages, I
started to feel a little inadequate about my own letter. Even our own
Chancellor Drake stopped by to write a few letters of his own and to remind
us of the importance of what we were doing. Once finished, we were to place
our letters in a pile with the rest, which I assure you was not small, even
with two hours left in the event. It was refreshing to see so many
individuals concerned with the state of higher education come out and
support this issue in a constructive manner. But as wonderful as this event
was, it’s only just the start. We need more events like this, with even more
press and more participation. I’m hoping that the number of these messages
increase, until they literally bury the capitol offices with our ire and


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