Liveblog the Commission on the Future – The First Public Forum

3:30PM – Vice Chair Dan Simmons, CUCSA Chair King, and myself just gave comments to the Commission on the Future, we each gave constructive criticism to the Commission, hopefully I’ll get a chance to post those later on.  Interesting questions and discussion afterwards, now 3 public comment speakers signed up for the public forum.

2:15PM – Academic Senate Chair Powell talks about his frantic campus visits schedule – the professor and vice chair Simmons has been at 5 cities in 5 days, they’re almost like rock stars, how much they travel.  They’ve been spreading the word about public higher education system and the issues we face.  “The Master Plan is not broken, just underfunded.”  He was at the Senate/Assembly Session Reviewing the Master Plan of Higher Education.  Also recently met with Assemblymember Ira Ruskin, who spoke to the Academic Senate about the state of the UC.

2PM – Chair Gould and President Yudof have startedtheir opening comments for Commission of the Future – Yudof: revenues is not the only thing we should be looking at, we have to be looking at how weare spending the money, and whether we are spending it efficently.

Not a packed house, but a fair amount of people in the room.  We’ll see how the hour long public comment will go ahead.


One response to “Liveblog the Commission on the Future – The First Public Forum

  1. I happened to be at the hearing yesterday and it was quite interesting to hear the Chancellors/President of the different higher education systems answer the question of efficiency.

    President Yudof did in fact speak about looking at the funding and how we are spending it, but I found that comment to be coming from the wrong person. The UC Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees from both the CSU and the CCC systems are the ones who recieve the state funding and then distribute it to each individual campus. If Yudof wants to talk about spending our money efficiently then I believe he needs to be leading by example.

    I believe the UC Board of Regents and the Board of Trustees for both the CSU and the CCC systems should be mandating a revision of each public higher education university’s Strategic Plan (5-10 year plan), reprioritizing in this economy and budget shortfall what is important.

    Personally, at CSU Sacramento our campus President (Gonzalez) decided to overrule a student initiative that we turned down to increase the Athletic Fee students pay each semester. Instead of upholding the students’ decision he still increased that fee, taking more money from students and allocating it to an Athletic Program that seems to be more important to him than classroom instruction, retention of students who are affected most by the increasing fees and preventing the loss of part-time lecturers who are losing their jobs.

    Efficiency begins with reprioritizing the campuses Strategic Plans and what they put value into… which should be the student and the education they’re recieving.

    In Solidarity With Every Student,

    Robert Graham
    Sac State Coalition

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