New Winter course on Civil Disobedience

Hey Anteaters! To contribute to the student movement, the Comparative Literature department at UCI is offering a course on Civil Disobedience this Winter:

CL has opened a course for Winter 2010, to be collectively taught by
faculty in various departments, that responds to heavy student
interest in learning about the history, literature and theory of civil
disobedience given the current budget crisis and the actions and
decisions of legislators and administrators concerning the UC system
and given the response in student activism.

The course is scheduled
for TTh HG (Humanities Gateway) 1800, 5-6:20pm.
The course number is
CL132: Politics, Discourse, and Ideology.

Confirmed faculty so far
are: Dina al-Kassim (Comp Lit), Julia Bryan-Wilson (Art History),
Susan Jarratt (Comp Lit), Adriana Johnson (Comp Lit) Horacio Legras
(Spanish & Portuguese), Catherine Liu (Film & Media Studies), Cecelia
Lynch (Poli Sci), Nancy McLoughlin (History), Michael Montoya
(Anthropology, Chicano/Latino Studies & Public Health), Rachel O’Toole
(History), Rei Terada (Comp Lit).


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