January Regents Meeting Day 0

4:36PM – Now talking about the Cal Memorial Stadium – again built on the Hayward faultline – meaning that it’s at incredible danger when an earthquake hits. The sesimic retro-fit, in the words of the Berkeley Chancellor would “make it safe as any otr building on campus”. The retrofit costs around 300m, all from private funding. They have giant sliding blocks that will allow the east side of the bowl slide seperately from the west side of the bowl, thus allowing the fault to move without damaging significantly the building.

4:15PM – Responding to a question from Regent Makarechian: VC Wendell Braise says that our on-campus student housing is mandatory of American Campus Association builds at least 20% less than the surrounding student housing in the community. Asked a question about public transportation on the campus – just wanted him to mention that the bus system is student-run, and thus needs to expand as the campus grows.

4:15PM – Our construction projects are dependant largely on General Obligation Bonds that are going before the voters this year in November – without those bonds, UCI will be forced to fall back to a backup plan that will have considerably less construction. UC is still asking the state – they believe they can’t stop asking the state for what should be it’s obligation in our capital improvements. The GO Bonds that will fund UCI 550 million dollars.

4:10PM – The most energy effiecent, green wet-lab building EVER BUILT at UC Irvine. We are so green =D. We also have 5 LEED Gold buildings. Also – we also show what carbon footprint is attached to your food you eat at Pippin Commons! Black is high carbon, Green is low carbon, Yellow is medium carbon. So change your eating habits accordingly, and show that Anteaters care!

4PM – UC Irvine is now up for review for their Capital Framework and 10-Year Capital Plan. It talks about what kinds of new buildings they plan on building over the next ten years. UCI wants to cap out at 32k students, but is prepared to go up to 37k if necessary. They also need 231.7m in gift funds (private donors) to grow at the rate they want – that’s 19% of their capital growth budget. New construction takes up almost 89% of growth. But the report says if the state funding does not keep up with campus priorities, the campus will have revise its report.

Truly Under Construction Indefinitely (UCI)…almost 1 billion dollars projected for building from 2009-2019.

4PM – We’re currently looking at UCSF’s underwater piping system – extreme damage was done when one of the pipes burst, releasing hot water and damaging the other pipes in the area. 11.7 million dollars of campus funds are being reallocated to pay for the cost of repairs.

4PM – Public comment regular Charles Schwartz argues that no one is minding the cash register – he argues that no one is keeping tabs on the debt service of the University.

4PM – We’re now in public comment! The first one – the commenter argues that spending 1.5billon dollars to build the Cal Memorial Stadium to be faultline-safe (it’s built on a faultline)…and to make UC Berkeley a football powerhouse…is a faulty idea and argues against it.

3PM – Hey everybody, we’re back with liveblogging the January Regents Meeting – with Day 0, the Committee on Grounds and Building! To be honest, it seems like a quiet meeting, nothing really huge on the agenda other than an oral report of the Governor’s budget! Right now we’re in a closed session of Grounds and Building.


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