UCLA’s plans for March

(reposted from the public school message board)
For those interested in what’s going on at UCLA in the first week of March:
Right now we are set to have a two day event on March 2nd and 3rd called
NewCLA, an alternative university project, between 12 and 4 on both days.
The emphasis will be on discussions, workshops, art and art activist

Some possible themes to deal with are:

  • The Limits of Capital at the University Front
  • Precarity & Student-Worker Consciousness
  • Occupation as an Artistic Strategy
  • “Unproductive” or Inoperative Education
  • Histories of Art Activism / Living Art Activism
  • Artists + Students + Workers + Community Orgs. (How to build solidarity?)
  • Foreclosure & City Space

(again, much overlap with the Drift)

Plus if anyone is interested in the official schedule of the protest here
it is:
March 4th Schedule of protest
3-5am Undergraduate Dorms; Grad Student Housing
Dorm Storming

6:30-Noon Campus-wide
Picket set-up and student led pickets at campus entrances.

7-11am Campus-wide
Students reclaim campus with outreach, activist art, chalking, flyering,
drums, music, etc.

11am-Noon Ackerman Turn-Around
Student and Worker Picket

11:30am-Noon Campus-wide
Any students still stuck in class are encouraged to WALKOUT!

Rally followed by March around UCLA campus; Speakers, media coverage,
chanting, opportunities for circulating petitions, etc.

1-3pm Bruin Plaza and Campus Wide
Revolution Dance Party- DJ, musical acts, hip-hop artists, student-led
teach-ins, etc.

3-4pm Bruin Plaza
Teach-in with various faculty members.

4:30-5:30pm Bruin Plaza
Rally; Speakers, media coverage, chanting, petitioning, etc.
UTLA, CFT, CTA, LAUSD, Community Colleges, and California State
Universities join.

5:30pm Westwood
March to Westwood and Wilshire


For those from the public school interested in collaboration, you can
check out NewCLA and these events, the first on Feb. 22, and the next on
March 2 & 3. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=278505619309&ref=ts

The first event will focus on UCLA student based performances & art
activism, but March 2nd and 3rd should be more open to workshops /
critical projects / experiments from outside the university. If anyone
wants to talk more about possible collaboration through NewCLA or
elsewhere, let’s get the ball rolling! Only 4 weeks left.
NewCLA  is hope for the UCLA community.
It is a multi-perspective group started by students to provide a free
space to re-imagine the University. It spans from art activism to
alternate models of peacefully demonstrating that we want change. The
budget crisis affects everyone at UCLA and instead of holding us down, it
will bring us together, in the form of NewCLA.


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