In response to the noose found at UCSD

At this very moment, students at UCSD are protesting the recent act of hate beside Geisel Library.

Students at UCI wait in Aldrich Hall to speak with Chancellor Drake and Vice Chancellor Gomez.

It is unacceptable that administration has not issued a statement condemning the recent acts of hate, choosing to stay neutral while students feel unsafe and violated within the walls of the university.


12 responses to “In response to the noose found at UCSD

  1. The noose. So, what exactly will the excuses be for this cowardly act that brings up memories of the confederate KKK of the South in their attempts to keep slavery and the non-whites in fear? Is it that are uneducated, is it that they are live in fear because our President in the white house is not 100% white. This is what the republican party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” have brought you. These kids follow what their dullard leaders say. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think?

  2. Please do not rush to a conclusion here; the circumstances around this are sketchy at best. If the UCSD administration needs time to get the facts together, they shouldn’t be punished for trying to be correct.

    On another note, I would love to hear a detailed timeline of who found the noose, where it was located, what time they found it, what time it was reported, what time the responses were called for, etc. There have been many incidents in the past in which nooses were allegedly found, but turned out to be hoaxes. Let’s wait for the police to investigate and all the facts to come out before rushing to judgment.

  3. Ya, right. Instead of an apology there has been steady escalation. These kids are young and dump. Could it be an off-campus dullard who listens to Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards? I would not put it pass them.

  4. I’m pretty sure the university (UCSD) has responded with DOZENS of e-mails to its students about this. It’s made many statements to its own community and that of San Diego. Maybe YOU didn’t get a statement because you don’t go to UCSD, in which case you shouldn’t even be writing about this whole thing in the first place- you don’t know what’s going on here. Why don’t you write facts instead of being privy to your own reality?

    • We were not targeting UCSD’s administration but our own. Further were meeting with administration at the UCI campus to address the silence on behalf of the greater UC community (Regents, Yudof, Chancellors, etc), and later on in the day they issued their statement.

  5. Police Report

    Could have been as early as 8am? Library was clearly open at that time. The perpetrator seems to have turned himself in as well.

  6. I agree with Thales. Until the entire situation is known, you simply cannot jump to conclusions. I’m fairly certain that this was an act to escalate the current happenings on campus, not to promote hate. The perpetrators could just as easily be supporters of the BSU or from the Koala. Given their respective agendas, it makes sense either way. And yes, I do believe that the BSU would do this to further their agenda, even taking into account how deplorable an act it is.

    Riddle me this. If UCSD is such a racist environment, where was the racism prior to this week? I dunno… I can’t seem to find any examples. Maybe because it’s actually not a real issue on campus. Anecdotal evidence amounting to “no one sat by me in class/on the bus/at lunch” or “I don’t get handed flyers on library walk” is a load of crap. Show me UCPD reports of hate crimes and physical violence or intimidation and then we can start talking. That would justify all the rhetoric of victimization, hate, pain, lack of safety. and oppression. What? You can’t find any? What a surprise. And in advance to what people are inevitably going to say: using the noose as an example is fallacious thinking. If you can’t logically understand why this is, or even try to understand this, then you’re probably going to simply ignore all of points anyways.

    It’s not hard to see that black people are an underrepresented minority on campus, but honestly what it comes down to is UCSD’s heavy focus on science and engineering, an apathetic administration towards student life IN GENERAL (they do love their research money though) and a lack of school spirit or athletics.

    • apparently the student turned herself in… are they going to identify her? Additionally, I am not suggesting that hanging a noose is unoffensive. It’s clearly an offensive and inflammatory act. But was it done out of hate and as a direct threat?

  7. Students and the publicare violanted by the luxery spending of $3,000,000 by UC President Yudof and his UCB Chancellor Birgeneau during the Great Recession. $3 Million Spending by UC President Yudof for University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau to Hire Consultants – When Work Can Be Done Internally & Impartially
    During the days of the Great Recession, every dollar in higher education counts. Contact Chairwoman Budget Sub-committee on Education Finance Assemblywoman Carter 916.319.2062 – tell her to stop the $3,000,000 spending by Birgeneau on consultants.
    Do the work internally at no additional costs with UCB Academic Senate Leadership (C. Kutz/F. Doyle), the world – class professional UCB faculty/ staff, & the UCB Chancellor’s bloated staff (G. Breslauer, N. Brostrom, F. Yeary, P. Hoffman, C. Holmes etc) & President Yudof.
    President Yudof’s UCB Chancellor should do the high paid work he is paid for instead of hiring expensive East Coast consults to do the work of his job. ‘World class’ smart executives like Chancellor Birgeneau need to do the hard work analysis, and make the tough-minded difficult, decisions to identify inefficiencies.
    Where do the $3,000,000 consultants get their recommendations?
    From interviewing the UCB senior management that hired them and approves their monthly consultant fees and expense reports. Remember the nationally known auditing firm who said the right things and submitted recommendations that senior management wanted to hear and fooled the public, state, federal agencies?
    $3 million impartial consultants never bite the hands (Chancellor Birgeneau/ Chancellor Yeary) that feed them!
    Mr. Birgeneau’s accountabilities include “inspiring innovation, leading change.” Instead of deploying his leadership and setting a good example by doing the work of his Chancellor’s job, Birgeneau outsourced his work to the $3,000,000 consultants. Doesn’t he engage UC and UC Berkeley people at all levels to examine inefficiencies and recommend $150 million of trims? Hasn’t he talked to Cornell and the University of North Carolina – which also hired the consultants — about best practices and recommendations that eliminate inefficiencies?
    No wonder the faculty, staff, students, Senate & Assembly are angry and suspicious.
    In today’s Great Recession three million dollars is a irresponsible price to pay when a knowledgeable ‘world-class’ UCB Chancellor and his bloated staff do not do the work of their jobs.
    Pick up the phone and call: save $3 million for students!

  8. Let’s save Mom’s and Dad’s taxes! Why does one of the top universities in the world have to spend $3 million of taxpayer money for consultants to do what should be done internally by UCB Chancellor Birgeneau?
    Who teaches auditors how to audit? Do UC professors not have the knowledge to perform what they teach?
    Having firsthand knowledge of consulting, I know one cardinal rule, “Don’t bite the hand that pays you.”
    In a nutshell, we have a high-paid, skilled UCB Chancellor who is unable or unwilling to do the job he is paid to do. Why do we wonder that UC and California are in a financial crisis!
    I’m sure taxpayers would not object to the $3 million payout if the money is reimbursed by taking money from the UCB Chancellor’s salary over the next 10 years.
    Stop the spending of $3,000,000 on consultants by President Yudof and the UCB Chancellor and do the job impartially and internally.
    These days ever dollar in higher education counts

  9. It was a black girl who did this. It wasn’t an evil, talk show listening, white devil as intially suspected. SHOCKER!!!

    Wake up College will see this type of behavior many times in your futures. As long as their is lawsuit monies, sympathy, and lower admission standards are granted when these schemes are perpetrated…they will continue to go on. I only pray that ONE DAY whites will quit feeling guilty for what 1% of the US population at the time ,slave owners (some white and some black), did over 150 years ago.

    Now listen up cause these fact(s) are gonna blow away your African Studies Professor’s mind at UCSD….

    Slavery had been going on in Africa many of hundred of years before the Europeans got there. In fact, Muslims taught the local tribal members how to trade the prisoners they captured from the opposing tribes. Slavery was a way of life for Africa and accepted.

    The tribal members sold most slaves in the 1700’s and 1800’s to the Dutch. The Dutch then sold the slaves to the Americans.

    There were white AND Black slave owners in America. There were also WHITE SLAVES. Yes that’s right…White Slaves in America and Europe, not to mention White Slaves were widely used in Muslim Countries.

    So…now that we know the “summed up” version on what the Blacks hold on so dearly to all their “trials and tribulations ” in life…slavery…we know that we as Whites are not to blame and should let go of our media-education instilled “White Guilt”.

    If Blacks want to get ahead in the world (in a legit manner)..they need to stop playing the race card (constantly), study hard, not idolize rap/ghetto culture, start a savings account, Start working an honest job and focus on being a postive figure in our society. I hardly think this will ever happen, but maybe Bill Cosby with sway some of his “brothers”.

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