Student Admits to the UCSD Noose Event

As reported via, from the SD Tribune, a female student has admitted to the noose hanging.

From studentactivism: 10:50 am | A local news website has new information on the noose incident: The noose was discovered at 10:30 last night, and at nine o’clock this morning a female student confessed to the act in a phone call. UCSD Vice Chancellor Gary Mattews characterized the student as “someone who didn’t think that leaving a noose was an issue.” Police are said to be questioning the student, who could face misdemeanor charges.

It’s significant that authorities are characterizing the event as a “hanging of the noose with the intent to terrorize”.

A new rally with 300 students today at the UCSD Price Center, 8AM, was held.  Speeches were given from students, with asks that these kinds of incidents never happen again. has amazing coverage of the news, we definitely suggest visiting the site.

11:18AM UPDATE –



13 responses to “Student Admits to the UCSD Noose Event

  1. Instead of an apology there has been steady escalation and now the noose. So, what exactly will the excuses be for this cowardly act that brings up memories of the confederate KKK of the South in their attempts to keep slavery and the non-whites in fear? Is it that are uneducated, is it that their parents planted these seeds of hate, is it that they are live in fear because our President in the white house is not 100% white. This is what the republican party of “birthers, baggers and blowhards” have brought you. These kids follow what their dullard leaders say, they are young and dumb. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think? Of course it could be an off-campus dullard who listens to Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards.

  2. okay what’s with BSU and these off the wall demands? Shut down the university? Millions in funding for random crap (see first request they posted)?

    As stupid as the noose thing was…people are gonna forget about this in six months…no, wait… more like 4 months when finals roll around. It’s how things go…remember the turmoil about rising tuition? Yeah, thought so.

    Such is the nature of “protests” and “outrage.”

    P.S. Stop calling it a “state of emergency” because that’s just removing credence to the phrase. Tsunamis, hurricanes, murderers on campus, and arsonists are “states of emergency.”

  3. Do you want to wait until someone is raped, assaulted or killed before taking action? The noose was not the first threat, make no mistake about that.

    • right, but you don’t shut down a whole university because some jacktard decides to put up a noose.

      i mean there’s like 20k+ students/staff/faculty/etc… on campus with other important things going on (research, classes, etc…). honestly, most of them don’t care.

      one brash/brainless act shouldn’t be met with another.

  4. There has to be more to this than what we’ve been told. How can anyone in this day and age and in this part of the country believe that hanging a noose would “not be an issue”? It seems highly unlikely that such an act was just a spur of the moment decision borne out of ignorance and racism. As heinous as this act was, I can’t help but feel that there is some calculated purpose behind it. Whatever the reason, this act has certainly continued to fan the flames of hatred from both sides….

    Seriously, go the comments section of the SD Tribune’s article regarding this event to see what I mean.

  5. These kinds of acts should never happen again! $3 Million Spending by UC President Yudof for University of California Berkeley Chancellor Birgeneau to Hire Consultants – When Work Can Be Done Internally & Impartially
    During the days of the Great Recession, every dollar in higher education counts. Contact Chairwoman Budget Sub-committee on Education Finance Assemblywoman Carter 916.319.2062 – tell her to stop the $3,000,000 spending by Birgeneau on consultants.
    Do the work internally at no additional costs with UCB Academic Senate Leadership (C. Kutz/F. Doyle), the world – class professional UCB faculty/ staff, & the UCB Chancellor’s bloated staff (G. Breslauer, N. Brostrom, F. Yeary, P. Hoffman, C. Holmes etc) & President Yudof.
    President Yudof’s UCB Chancellor should do the high paid work he is paid for instead of hiring expensive East Coast consults to do the work of his job. ‘World class’ smart executives like Chancellor Birgeneau need to do the hard work analysis, and make the tough-minded difficult, decisions to identify inefficiencies.
    Where do the $3,000,000 consultants get their recommendations?
    From interviewing the UCB senior management that hired them and approves their monthly consultant fees and expense reports. Remember the nationally known auditing firm who said the right things and submitted recommendations that senior management wanted to hear and fooled the public, state, federal agencies?
    $3 million impartial consultants never bite the hands (Chancellor Birgeneau/ Chancellor Yeary) that feed them!
    Mr. Birgeneau’s accountabilities include “inspiring innovation, leading change.” Instead of deploying his leadership and setting a good example by doing the work of his Chancellor’s job, Birgeneau outsourced his work to the $3,000,000 consultants. Doesn’t he engage UC and UC Berkeley people at all levels to examine inefficiencies and recommend $150 million of trims? Hasn’t he talked to Cornell and the University of North Carolina – which also hired the consultants — about best practices and recommendations that eliminate inefficiencies?
    No wonder the faculty, staff, students, Senate & Assembly are angry and suspicious.
    In today’s Great Recession three million dollars is a irresponsible price to pay when a knowledgeable ‘world-class’ UCB Chancellor and his bloated staff do not do the work of their jobs.
    Pick up the phone and call: save $3 million for students!

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  7. After hearing news of this 2nd noose, it seems clear that a group of people are really trying to start a race riot by antagonizing the situation. These threats are no surprise. I truly believe that the UCSD Black Student Union carries the spirit of the SNCC. There will BE NO RACE RIOT TO DISCREDIT THE PROTESTS.

  8. “This is what the republican party of ‘birthers, baggers and blowhards’ have brought you. These kids follow what their dullard leaders say, they are young and dumb. Are you surprise at what they do when you know what they think? Of course it could be an off-campus dullard who listens to Beck, Hedgecock, Hannity, O’Reilly, Rush and Savage and the rest of the Blowhards.”

    That is an offensive, discriminatory comment, unfairly targeting republican students. What are you trying to do here, lead by example?

  9. Benito Juarez

    Racism begins with our families, parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, grandparents, people we admire, respect and love.

    However, as we grow and mature we come to the realization that what we were told by our family when we were children were slanted lies base on their prejudices. We realize that most people are like ourselves and not so different and want the same things, like a home, steady work, a Medicare plan and schools for our children (if you travel you will see this). We realize that most people are of good hearts and goodwill.

    This reminds me of a parable from the good book where a Levite and Priest come upon a man who fell among thieves and they both individually passed by and didn’t stop to help him. Finally a man of another race came by, he got down from his beast, decided not to be compassionate by proxy and got down with the injured man, administered first aid, and helped the man in need. Jesus ended up saying, this was the good man, this was the great man, because he had the capacity to project the “I” into the “thou,” and to be concerned about his fellow man.

    You see, the Levite and the Priest were afraid, they asked themselves, “If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?”

    But then the Good Samaritan came by. And he reversed the question: “If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?”

    That’s the question before us. The question is not, “If I stop to help our fellow man in need, what will happen to me?” The question is, “If I do not stop to help our fellow man, what will happen to him or her?” That’s the question.

    God bless all my brothers and sister that stood side by side with our brothers and sisters in need, when you saw a wrong you tried to correct it, you may argue the methods but not the reasons. I know God will not discriminate by country of origin, our sex, our orientation, color of our skin, or our religion as men do.

  10. If it quacks , walks and looks like a duck. News flash its a duck.

  11. Another Concerned American

    I am outraged to hear someone blaming the republicans for this noose. Let’s not forget that the core of our democracy lies in the fact that we have more than one political party. Look at the blatant violation of human rights in communist countries like mainland China and Vietnam to see what having only one political party, The Party, brings. Good God! is it what the likes of “Montana” really want?Such bipartisan attitude is what got us into this horrible mess in the first place. Let’s try to understand other points of view and not be too quick to condemn each other.

    I would say it is a big waste of time to debate over some hoaxes. It’s time to band together to demand our government to stop their wild spending at all levels, beginning right now with the $3 million dollars that should not have been spent at UC Berkeley. It’s time to make them accountable for their actions.

    You students should worry about where you can get a job when you graduate.

    To those who want to cry for more money without caring where it comes from: please stop asking “what has our country done for me?” and start asking “what have I done, what can I do, for our country?” In fact, we should ALL ask ourselves that question or there will be nothing left soon enough. Let’s not fight to get a bigger piece of the shrinking American pie for our group. Instead, let’s all fight to preserve (or even enhance) the American pie as a whole, together. I suggest that you, the students, concentrate on studying hard, and study something useful that can make you competitive in the GLOBAL job market. That should help you and our country out a lot.

    God bless America !

    To Montana: the “duck” who put up the noose is not white, and you should apologize to the republican students on campus if you have even a modicum of self-respect.

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