Final updates from UCSD Occupation

(From Occupy California)

5:10pm: The UCSD sit-in has turned into a civil disobedience action.  Chancellor Fox apparently has not attempted to meet the demands of the students.  Some students have left the office to support outside, but estimates of 80-100 students inside are willing to be arrested.  So far no word of police action or likelihood of arrests.

5:20pm: Drum circle forming outside Chancellor’s office.  Police are threatening arrests.  Students: “We will stay until BSU demands are met.”

5:23pm: According to one source, as many as 300 people still inside the office. A live audio stream is available here.

5:35pm: Students meeting with Chancellor Fox return to the sit-in to discuss the letter they received from the admin, describing it as, “bullshit.” They plan to return on Monday with their response. The student(s) involved in the noose incident is being suspended, although a time frame hasn’t been established. The protesters are not satisfied with this weak response by the administration, considering this new document from the Chancellor to have no new concrete improvements over previous ones.

Video available on CNN ireport:


2 responses to “Final updates from UCSD Occupation

  1. the university has tried to condemn the actions of certain students while trying to wash their hands clean from the incident. every statement they try to drive home the point: there were no official ties to the university and we do not promote this.

    i understand that the school cannot take responsibility for the actions of individuals and especially the actions that occur off campus. but i would actually like to see the administration admit to and take responsibility in creating the atmosphere that led up to these incidents.

    it is through the admissions, though the faculty hired, through the fields of study valued over others, etc that has fostered the elitist (and not the FOX News version of elitist), privileged, sense of superiority that such willful acts of ignorance are brandished and laughingly (by those who threw the racial insults) defended as “free speech.”

    a noose hanging is terrorism under any context. no, there have not been any reported racial violence, but what it does symbolize is a threat. whether or not the student claims they were merely “joking,” such a joke only reinforces the notion that Blacks are not welcome at an institution of higher learning.

  2. Somebody at the California Review blog referred to a movie called Spinning Into Butter that has startling similarities to the administration’s reaction towards racist incidents. I’m currently watching it on Netflix. The part where they strategize how to publicly react to the situation is all too real. Anyways, here’s a repost of the Chancellor’s super mega official response:

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