Statement issued by UCSD Black Student Union

Hello Friends,
As many of you may or may not have heard, yesterday night there was a noose found on the 7th floor of Geisel Library. This is just adding on to the numerous racist and misogynistic events that have occurred, and are associated with, the UC San Diego campus. As the Black Student Union of UC San Diego has stated before, we are in a state of emergency. In fact we are beyond an emergency because an emergency connotates that there is still time to respond to a crisis. We are past that point. We are to the point in which peoples’ lives are being threatened based on the color of their skin. We write this email to you to express the dismal response we have had from the administration. Representatives from the Black Student Union have met with Chancellor Fox multiple times, but the administration uses the same rhetoric that “they need more time to respond.” There is no more time when peoples lives are at stake and the very students that help contribute most to the good name of this university are the ones that do not feel safe. The Black Student Union representatives presented that, due to this state of campus climate, the university needs to take a leadership role in educating and protecting their students. We have demanded that the Chancellor shutdown the University until they can come up with a clear plan of action to ensure that this type of behavior does not happen again. The Chancellor then responded that she must sit down and “discuss this matter” with the Senate Administrative task force. We agreed and proceeded to give the Chancellor MORE time on top of what she has already been granted. The Chancellor then said that she did not merit the situation a serious enough matter to shutdown the university. When peoples lives are being threatened on a daily basis, there should be a general consensus to stop the function of the very institution perpetuating such actions. At this point, the University needs to be held accountable. They need to send the message that as they claim is “RACISM IS NOT IN OUR COMMUNITY!” If a group of students are not feeling comfortable to the point where it is interfering with the very reason that they are at this institution, then something MUST change. A university cannot possibly function if a very valuable group of students is being threatened in a place that was said to protect them and nurture them. Therefore, we ask that all of you stand in solidarity with UC San Diego; tell your leaders to put pressure on our administration to shut down this toxic campus until our demands are met.
In Love. Struggle. &Solidarity,

Black Student Union
UC San Diego


13 responses to “Statement issued by UCSD Black Student Union

  1. You have my complete sympathy and support.

  2. Reasonable Person

    First, I absolutely condemn the party, the TV broadcast, the noose incident, etc. Each of these reveals horrible judgment and intolerance. None of us should feel comfortable so long as such behavior continues.

    Second, I agree with the calls to make UCSD more hospitable to African American students. There should be significantly greater efforts to recruit applicants, to recruit matriculants, and – perhaps most important – to make the UCSD experience a great one for African American students (indeed, for all students).

    That said, shutdown the university? Really? Not to denigrate the safety question, but:

    a) I have seen no evidence yet of anyone actually physically assaulted, much less evidence that the risk of assault for any particular race is significantly higher than the risk of assault generally;

    b) While a noose is certainly a reference to a threat to someone’s life, have there been any concrete threats to harm anyone? (I’m aware of at least one – a black student threatening to beat a white student. I chalk that up to the heat that always arises in passionate confrontations.) Have the threats to harm people been more concrete than, say, the threats to harm people that get made on a regular basis as a result of student intramural sports, student drinking, dorm life?

    c) I’m not sure how a shutdown makes the campus safer, unless the African American students plan to hide somewhere during the duration of the shutdown – being in class doesn’t particularly expose anyone to threats; and

    d) The shutdown is wholly inappropriate unless there is some sense of when the university would start back up again. Nothing in the BSU statement suggests any clear criterion for when to end the shutdown. (Moreover, everything in the statement smacks of long-term systematic change.) Does the BSU really expect the University to shut itself down indefinitely?

    I presume the shutdown request is the result of hysteria amongst the negotiators or the influence of a few who have no idea what they are really asking for and are just making stuff up. For those of us who aren’t on the inside (98 some -odd percent of us), acting outrageously just makes us sympathize with the administration on this issue.

    (Also, and here I’m being kind: The BSU should find the best writers in the organization and have them review statements before they are issued. This one is poorly worded, riddled with errors, and disorganized. If anything, this suggests that the university better keep operating, especially the writing programs.)

  3. Let’s get real. People’s lives are NOT at stake. People may feel uncomfortable, terrorized even, but there has been zero violence and no one’s life is on the line. Moreover, your calls to shut down the university are completely absurd. That would do far, far more harm than good, if any good could even come of it.

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  5. the errors in the writing suggest either: writing is not a large part of their field of study (they could be an engineer or mathematician) or it was hastily prepared. considering the recent events it probably was hastily prepared, i’m sure they’ve got a large amount of issues on their plates (every one of them is most likely involved with the organizing) and being emotionally charged doesn’t help either.

    but i do agree proof reading would go a long way and would especially help with how they’re perceived.

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  7. Am I the only one who noticed the wording of this sentence?: “this is just adding on to the numerous racist and misogynistic events.”

    …ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Wait, do they know what misogynistic means? So now they’re claiming that UCSD hates black people AND that it hates women!? WHAT.

    Do they know that a girl is the one who put the noose up?

    This is ridiculous.

    • Agreed. . .

    • Well the event description for the Compton Cookout was pretty misogynistic. The most objective parts were the descriptions of black women. The descriptions of black men were not even that bad, when you really look at them. They said the men should wear FUBU. LOL. That’s a stereotype, sure, but it’s really not that offensive, not as offensive as saying “ghetto chicks” have limited vocabulary and make grunting noises to make up for it.

  8. And tell the UC leadership to save $3,000,000 for UC classes. Why does one of the top universities in the world have to spend $3 million of taxpayer money for consultants to do what should be done internally by UCB Chancellor Birgeneau?
    Who teaches auditors how to audit? Do UC professors not have the knowledge to perform what they teach?
    Having firsthand knowledge of consulting, I know one cardinal rule, “Don’t bite the hand that pays you.”
    In a nutshell, we have a high-paid, skilled UCB Chancellor who is unable or unwilling to do the job he is paid to do. Why do we wonder that UC and California are in a financial crisis!
    I’m sure taxpayers would not object to the $3 million payout if the money is reimbursed by taking money from the UCB Chancellor’s salary over the next 10 years.
    Stop the spending of $3,000,000 on consultants by President Yudof and the UCB Chancellor and do the job impartially and internally.
    These days ever dollar in higher education counts

  9. lol does anyone actually take this shit seriously?

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  11. shut down the university? some of us have jobs at the university which pay our bills. my entire career depends on finishing my phd in the next 6 months. what the hell am i suppose to do if the BSU shuts down the school? who will place the necessary orders that we need for our urgent experiments?

    who will answer to the national funding agencies which have given us several million dollars to build a scientific apparatus?

    i’m sorry but the BSU needs to shut up and let people get back to work. i’m not a racist, but i am a physicist. what i do has nothing to do with their socialist cause.

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