Tallying Cuts and Costs

New York Times

More rallies are planned for next week to protest the budget cuts in higher education and the resulting layoffs, furloughs and fee increases. Here are some numbers — from state and nonprofit sources — that describe education in public schools and colleges.


47 California’s national rank in spending per pupil, K-12, in 2009. The state average is $7,571 per pupil — $2,400 below the national average.

74 Number of positions Superintendent Tony Smith of the Oakland Unified School District proposes to cut from the district’s central services. Among them are 14 from professional/curriculum development; 15 custodians and grounds workers; 21 from business, personnel, data management and school leadership; and 17 from school security.

$81,928 Average salary in dollars for K-12 teachers in the Pleasanton Unified School District in 2008-9.

$54,157 Average salary in dollars for K-12 teachers in the Oakland Unified School District in 2008-9.

$250 Amount teachers could deduct from taxes if they paid for classroom supplies.

$1,800 Amount that Megan Caluza, a teacher at Eldorado Elementary School in San Francisco, said she paid out of pocket each year for classroom supplies.

7.5 VS. 11 Percentage of the state’s general fund spending on higher education versus prisons. On Jan. 6, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger proposed to change the state’s Constitution to alter the ratio to spend 10 percent on higher education and 7 percent on prisons.

$50.9 MILLION Amount in federal stimulus money that Charles B. Reed, the chancellor of California State University, plans to release to provide approximately 8,100 additional courses in the fall of 2010.

134,029 Applications for enrollment in the University of California in the coming academic year, a 6 percent increase.

626,504 Applications, to date, for the fall 2010 term at California State University campuses, a 15 percent increase.

0 Number of competitive Cal Grants that Mr. Schwarzenegger proposes awarding to low- and moderate-income undergraduates in the future. In 2008-9, community college students received 73 percent of the 25,367 new competitive grants. Entitlement grants would continue; 80,120 new entitlement grants were awarded in 2008-9; about one-third went to community college students. The grants provide recipients with up to $9,700 a year.

$2.6 BILLION Amount of current state payments to the University of California.

$20 BILLION The University of California’s total budget, which is made up of student fees, state financing, grants and private donations.

$637 MILLION Cut in state support for the University of California’s campuses for 2009-10, compared with the previous year.

50 Number of faculty members in the English department of the University of California, Berkeley, who turned off their office phones (some give out their cellphone numbers).

$24,000 Annual savings the English department realized.


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