UCSD Student Suspended Over Noose Hanging

According to the LA Times, the female student responsible for the noose hanging at UCSD has been suspended.  If this act was done with the intent to terrorize, the student could face  misdemeanor charges that can bring up to a year in county jail and a $5,000 fine.  The police have so far not revealed the name of the perpetrator nor the motive behind the act.  The investigation is still pending and the fate of this woman is currently unknown.

Read the full article here, also with brief summaries of the events at UCLA and UC Berkeley.


2 responses to “UCSD Student Suspended Over Noose Hanging

  1. she doesn’t need intend to terrorize. a reckless disregard to the risk of terrorizing will do. considering the atmosphere on campus, this qualifies. i don’t care if she is a minority. she has terrorized.

  2. i agree with c, hanging a noose is not something one does for shits and giggles. especially considering the recent events on campus, such an act only and has only sent one message: blacks have a “place” and they are not supposed to cross it.

    within the past decade we’ve seen the UC system step further away from its mission of serving the public and closer to the heels of becoming a private institution for the rich and privileged. one need only look at the letter drafted by UCSD’s chair of sociology, who put forth a plan cutting out UCR, UCSC, and UC Merced in order to keep the UC’s system “prestige,” to see where such racist ideas begin to permeate.

    let’s stop with the apologizing and the asking “why” this happened and lets start taking proactive steps to realizing the solution.

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