UCI: Black Wednesday Silent Rally

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
11:00am – 2:00pm
UCI Student Center Entrance


It has become very clear that the issues most important to our community are not being understood or even heard by the UCI campus at large. Therefore this Black Wednesday I call for as many students, faculty, and staff as possible to participate in a silent rally. I am asking everyone to participate in making this something that can truly impact the larger campus community.

For this rally I think the most effective way of getting our point across would be to stand completely silent and allow our allies to be our voices. I would be asking everyone to come wearing all Black and for the Black student to have their mouths duck taped will our allies passing out information and talking about what is happening to our community. We need to make what’s happening at UCSD and what has happened on our campus issues that affect the entire UCI campus. We also do this in support of the Irvine 17, who were arrested to politicize this campus and to make the issue of systemic racism in the UC system something that is at the forefronts of our minds. The Rally will be at the normal Black Wednesday time, 11am-2pm. We will be standing from 11:30am-12:20pm in front of the student center (right between Student Services II and the Book Store), so those interested in being there at that time please just meet at the student center tables near there (I will be there in case anyone gets confused so just look out for me). Then from 12:20pm-1:30pm, we will be asking the students with there mouths taped to lay down in a symbolic jester that shows what the UC system wide inaction on the part of administrators is doing to students.

I have included a form for everyone interested to fill out

Hello Everyone,

Sorry for all the emails but this is the CORRECT survey address


Please do so, even if you cannot participate in the Black Wednesday Silent Rally. The form includes a space for everyone to write about an instance when you have felt marginalized on this campus and why you think that this is a problem. So for example someone could write, “I’m an Anthro major and we barely ever talked about African Americans that have contributed to the field. This is a problem of Eurocentrism in our University”. The BSU will be making posters out of these statements and posting them around campus the day of the rally. Your name will not be included on the poster (unless you tell us otherwise). And I ask that everyone please respond to this by Tuesday 11pm.

Please also invite anyone you feel would like to be involved. On Monday, UC Berkeley had a wonderful silent protest in solidarity for the Black Students at UCSD and I think it’s time for UCI to show that we to can organize.


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