Clarification on Coverage on the KKK Hood found at UCSD Post

Just a clarification on the post “Coverage on KKK Hood found at UCSD” that the UCRegentLive team would like to make!

The post was a reference from the site  The opinions expressed in the post are the opinions of that particular blog, and don’t represent the opinions of ucregentlive.  We were posting because has provided very strong coverage on that issue, the opinion of the article is part of the discourse and dialogue of the issue, but we were not meaning to represent that opinion.  We also don’t want to steal the authorship of that writing, which does belong to, who is a good friend of ours.

Sometimes when blogging so quickly, we are not clear about what sites we’re referencing, and we regret the miscommunication.  Thanks, and keep checking in for more up-to-date news about the University of California!


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