Bound for Sacramento (and irked in Berkeley)

“A dozen or more buses carrying an estimated 300 people have taken off from West Crescent for Sacramento. Students and faculty members carrying backpacks and sipping coffee had waited patiently to board and talked about why they were making the trip today.  “I ran out of other alternatives to get the word out,” explained Richard Norgaard, a professor in the Energy and Resources Group.

“I think it’s a bigger statement to go to the state capital with my professors than to stay here on the campus,” said Sabrina Hamm, a third-year undergraduate in Peace and Conflict Studies. “I’m paying for my own college, I’m from a low-income family. The increasing fees are affecting me a lot.” If you want change, added Hamm, you have to help make it.

Meanwhile, about 150 protesters – at times chanting “Money for jobs and education, not for more incarceration” – continue to block Sather Gate, although people with disabilities were being allowed to pass through. Protesters also have begun blocking pathways closest to the gate, using red “danger” tape tied to lampposts and urns. A big banner at Sather Gate reads: “Put the $ where our minds are.”

Sophomore Julia Millon, who was leaving Dwinelle Hall after attending a math class, said it was frustrating to walk around the Sather Gate scene. “I’m not sure this type of protest is going to get us anywhere,” she said. “I think yelling at Sather Gate is not going to make people who can do something about it care.” Letter-writing to those in power, she suggested, was a better idea.

Added her classmate, Katelyn Sills, who also had to walk around the protest: “I missed my quiz and I’m a little angry about it.”

Another student said she found a way to fit both class and protesting into her day’s schedule: Her only class today was at 8 a.m., after which she planned to join the crowd.”

via UCBerkeley News


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