Police ready to use “reasonable force” (Sacramento)

Police and protesters clash

Police in front of I-80 in Sacramento

Protesters inching forward

According to the California Aggie Twitter page “Police are ready with batons, tasers, shooting rubber pellets right now”

“We’re about 100 yards from onramp. Police have stopped the tear gas for now, slowly moving forward though.”

“About 100 protestors pushed up against line of about 30 cops. We’re about 30 yds from on ramp.”

UPDATE: “Beating, movement has stopped for now.”

Via California Aggie


2 responses to “Police ready to use “reasonable force” (Sacramento)

  1. I don’t understand marching towards an on-ramp. I mean, I guess I’m not a big fan of the I-80 either, but there are crappier highways.

  2. During the 1970’s after Kent State the student protesters not only blocked I-80 but also the railway lines.

    The purpose then was to disrupt the troop trains and transport of military hardware to the Port of Oakland…at least for a day.

    I think that the students, or at least some, were trying to signal that unless the education budget is fixed that there will be “No Business As Usual”. Whether this is a viable tactic or not it indicates that there are a variety of approaches being applied to the issue.

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