Chancellor Katehi on Higher Education


“…No state has as much to lose as California if we do not act quickly to reprioritize our commitment to higher education for our children, our long-term economic well-being and ourselves…”

“…Lost in this privatized version of government is the sense of communal belonging, of obligation to any social entity larger than the self, and of any responsibility to future generations.

If ever this state and nation needed to formulate a long-range plan for the future of its highereducation system, now is the time…”

“…Today we must choose the sacrifice of collective investment in the public research university as a shared good leading to continued national prosperity and security, rather than the shrunken, caste-bound future of the privatized university.

Today, even in the face of a lingering recession and two wars, is the time for renewed sacrifice for the benefit of future students…”


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