Occupations Start – Welcome to March 4th LiveBlogathon

Occupy CA reports that UC Santa Cruz has been the first to be hit with occupations.

Interesting Fact: UC Santa Cruz only has two entrances in and out of the campus.  The west entrance and the north entrance.  This is a well-known and unfortunate fact for administrators.  Students have shut down both entrances, effectively shutting down the campus.

From OccupyCA:  Some people have been hit by cars breaking the picket line, breaking someones leg and hitting another 3 or so people. (confirmation?)

Also, Daily Cal reports that 65 people have shut off Sather Gate, linking arms and chanting “no cuts, no fees, education must be free.”

Stay tuned for more as the day continues!

UPDATE 8:41AM – UCSC campus shutdown has grown to 100 people.  Photo courtesy of northoaklandnow on twitter

and at UC Berkeley…


4 responses to “Occupations Start – Welcome to March 4th LiveBlogathon

  1. This is ridiculous. People have work to do. Learning to do. The point can be made with out completely shutting down the campus.

  2. everybody wants something for nothing

  3. @Brian: The few idiots resorting to violence and vandalism are obviously hurting the cause, but peaceful protest can be an effective way to send a message. FYI, most of the UCSC professors I’ve spoken to support this strike. When our “public” universities are raising fees and moving toward privatization, while simultaneously cutting valued academic programs, do you think we should just carry on with business as usual?

  4. @Seattle Snow
    Something for nothing? Actually, we just want our government to put our tax dollars toward education, rather than perpetual/unwinnable wars on vague concepts.

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