Occupy CA has Great Coverage

www.occupyca.wordpress.com has great coverage right now about where are all the rallies and marches are at!

UCSC – has been shut down on the main entrance. Estimated 500 people.

UC Berkeley – crowd is now in the Ogawa plaza over at SF, around 1000 people.

UC Davis – students are now shutting down the freeway.

UC Irvine – students are locked out of the admin building, they are currently pounding on windows.

UCLA – Sit In at Murphy Hall.

UPDATE : UCR – has started protesting outside pedistrian mall – outside the offices of UC Regent Varner and State Senator Dutton (Budget Committee Vice-Chair, R) over 1000 people!!

UCSD – Rally outside of Giesel, now marching downtown with over 1000 people!

UCI – March is almost over according to @DefendUCI, crowd is getting smaller, and is back at the flagpoles


3 responses to “Occupy CA has Great Coverage

  1. How’s that Hope n Change workin’ out for y’all? Where is your Obama when you are in need? Thought Obama was going to get it all fixed for you idiots? It is funny to watch you young morons learn the hard way….catch a clue…..pull your head out and vote conservative next time

  2. you liberals are dummer than a box of snot

  3. Are you sure you want to be linked to anything regarding Occupy CA? Don’t let them co-opt the Public Education Protests.

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