Summary Of The Day’s Big News (So Far!)

SUPERMAP: We have a March 4th Nation-wide Map for all the Actions and Activisms that are going across the nation!  Thanks!


ENDORSEMENT: The American Association of University Professors Endorse March 4th Actions


OCCUPATION: CSU Fullerton has experienced a building occupation by students.


EPICPIC: And this epic picture from a banner drop at UC Riverside


SIT-IN: At the state capital – 4 students and 1 alum are arrested in Republican Assemblymember Nielsen’s office (Budget Committee Vice-Chair), with demands of funding Public Higher Ed and a statement about the recent UCSD racial events.


ACT OF HATE: Anti-gay hate crime committed at UCR


PROTEST: Black students do a silent but powerful protest at UC Berkeley, addressing racism at the UC, and urging the administration to act.


One response to “Summary Of The Day’s Big News (So Far!)

  1. Members of the UCSD VisArts Department designed these fliers and posters for March 4th.

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