UCI Rally at noon for March 4th

Thursday, March 4, 2010
12:00pm – 1:00pm


The UC’s,CSU’s, & CC’s have organized March 4th as a CA-wide day of action. Campuses across California will be holding rallies, marches, strikes, walkouts, etc. What will you do?

All of us have been affected by the budget cuts/tuition hikes. Classes are being cut, our favorite teachers are getting their walking papers, and some of us will be dropping out of college due to the unjust fee hikes. On top of all this, UCI is destroying the families of the already super-exploited and outsourced campus workers. These workers, many employed 20+ years, are being laid off with no remorse from admin. They tell them, “We don’t need you anymore”, “Find another job”, “It’s not our problem”. Is this how UCI should treat its students and workers?!

There is no place for apathy anymore. You have one of two choices: be an armchair activist or stand on your feet and fight with dignity.

The time for diplomacy has long passed. Direct action is our only alternative.

Rally at noon at the UCI flagpoles!


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