100 “Day of Action” protesters arrested in Oakland

After blocking the I-880 and I-980, 100 to 120 UC Berkeley students were arrested are seen here boarding a police bus


3 responses to “100 “Day of Action” protesters arrested in Oakland

  1. What fools decided that stranding tens of thousands of working citizens during rush hour (including this 21-year veteran as a public school math/science teacher who was working late to mentor a new teacher) would somehow gain support for our public school system? Being an alumnus of Cal, I am astonished at the short-cited ignorance of these members of the current student body. Civil disobedience is meant to disrupt the workings of The Man, not the very people you are trying to support.

  2. Unfortunately I don’t think the general public will notice until someone is inconvenienced. Students have been inconvenienced for years. Randy, I don’t think the protesters have anything against you in particular.

  3. That’s just it though. When the public sees protestors marching onto freeways, they do not ooze sympathy for those people. I support the rallies. They at least kept their rallies respectful of the general public. They didn’t try to dictate how people should go about their day. You can’t force people to follow a cause. I do not support Occupy CA or Occupy Everything. Communism normally gains public support when the people are trying to oust foreign influence.

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