Huffington Post: Racial Breakdown of LARGEST California PUBLIC Colleges

Students are rallying across the country today in protest of rising tuition fees and increasing budget cuts in public colleges.

And it all began in California, home to two of the largest college systems in the U.S. — the University of California, whose 10 schools are attended by some 191,000 students, and the California State University, whose 23 campuses are attended by more than 417,000. Numbering at nearly 37 million, the Golden State is the most populous state in the country, and it’s a minority-majority state: Hispanics, Asians, African Americans and those of mixed races make up the majority of California’s population.

That diversity is not necessarily represented in the state’s top schools, as proven by recent racist events at the University of California-San Diego. Here’s the racial breakdown of some of the state’s largest public schools.

View breakdown here:


One response to “Huffington Post: Racial Breakdown of LARGEST California PUBLIC Colleges

  1. What the eff do you declare if you are of North African or Middle Eastern descent? What if you closely identify with African American and Pacific Islander? Race data is BS and unscientific. Even if it was broken down to ethnicities instead of race, it would still be inaccurate. I’m a supporter of diversity, but not of how it’s researched in this manner.

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