HUGE RALLY AT SF – bay area stand up!

so ( reports right now over 7000 people are going to be gathering at SF for their rally at 5PM

4:10 p.m.: About 7,000 students, teachers and parents from all levels of education marched down Mission Street, headed toward a giant rally at San Francisco’s Civic Center, reports David Russitano, a math teacher and member of United Educators of San Francisco.”

RT @SocialistViews: Another 4000 just reported joining the march to S.F. rally

RT @SocialistViews: The Bay Area is converging on the Civic Center rally in San Francisco. HUGE turnout expected

for people in the Bay Area, this looks like where its going to be at!


Meanwhile: RT @DailyCal: BERKELEY—About 400 students/faculty/staff in front of the Berkeley Unified School District administration building…


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