*Correction* Four Big Updates

UCSD – UCSD has just arrived at the gov’s office with thousands in the crowd.  Sam Jung from UCSD starts off the speaking list.

RT @JusticeUCSD: One litlle kid w a sign that says “cut education = cut dreams” rally in front of San Diego from governors office #ucsd #march4

UC Berkeley – Police has started detaining protesters on the freeway of the 980.


Courtesy of @UCRHighlander and @DailyCal

Live Video: http://bit.ly/a0VvLg

RT @abc7newsBayArea: Protesters shut down the I-980/880 connector in Oakland. This is related to the statewide education protests….

RT @abc7newsBayArea: At least 100 protesters have been arrested, 980/880 interchange remains closed. Police activity continues.

UCLA – Has Arrived at the Gov’s office downtown!

RT @babysharkie: “NO MORE CUTS!” we’ve arrived at the gvnors office in downtown la. #march4

Mark Yudof – Support of the protests today

RT @mark_yudof: RT @kgoradio: UC President Mark Yudof on today’s protests: “I think it’s pretty terrific.” http://bit.ly/c8vkCj


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