UC Davis Protest Escalates

Students face police, push through, no arrests yet

as tweeted by @CaliforniaAggie


2 responses to “UC Davis Protest Escalates

  1. Thats My Alma Mater…

    Proud as all hell of you people

  2. don't worry about it

    Here is the thing…

    These students out there rallying for a just cause (lower student loan costs and overall lower educational costs) are so dumb, they don’t even realize that the very socialist government that they so proudly trump around defending and yearning for is the very government that is causing the rates to go up for them. I mean, this is a perfect example some great irony AS WELL AS THE STUPIDITY of today’s educated (is that an oxymoron, cause they’re certainly not educated!) kids. They’re their own worst enemy. Stubborn, a refusal to look at the facts, and the inability to
    say “I was incorrect but now I understand and I’m going to go ahead and do what is necessary to change my views.” Dumb, dumb and dumb! Would you idiots like to know what the reason behind higher educational costs are? Read this paper done by Hayek and Friedman, two of the best economists to ever live. And wisen up kids, cause it’s YOUR future you’re giving away!


    The full PDF report can be read here:


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