UCDavis Police Dept – Reported from Cal Aggie

RT @CaliforniaAggie: UCDPD just told us that no tasers were used today. Also, not tear gas but “pepper balls.” #UCDavis #March4

RT @coopmike48: RT @californiaaggie: Protestors are now “sitting in” at Anderson and Russell http://twitpic.com/16nh8n (via @jkoo)…

the protesters have moved from the freeway, to an intersection.

UPDATE: RT @CaliforniaAggie: Our photographer says he definitely heard tasers being used at I-80 on-ramp earlier, as did others. Police disagree…. (Note: UCRegentLive doesn’t have confirmation either way, sorry!)


2 responses to “UCDavis Police Dept – Reported from Cal Aggie

  1. I’m sorry to say but anyone that is STUPID enough to walk up onto a freeway on ramp and onto the freeway deserves to get put down by the police. They are not just endangering themselves. My brother could see these “protesters” as he was coming home ON the freeway.

    Free speech is all good and well, but not at the risk of others lives. Busy freeways are no place to be holding any kind of demonstration.

  2. First of all this is not anyone, they are our students and they are far from stupid. They are standing up for thier education and that of future generations.They were peacefully protesting and while you sit texting your opinions away and exercising your first amenment they are acting on it and fighting for something worthwhile not bloging about the inconvinience their brother had to go through.

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