2 New Players at UCSD – The Biographies

There are two new big actors in the UCSD controversy – these are two big players that are going to make big moves in how the BSU’s agreements at UCSD will play out, and how the campus climate/diversity issues at UCSD/UC system as a whole will be affected

It will be important for UC students to know and understand the background, statements and moves of these two people  and how they will affect the future of diversity and campus climate in our institution.


Dean Edley is going to become a big player in the UCSD situation soon because President Yudof has just assigned him as an advisor to UCSD to help Chancellor Fox implement the campus climate action plan and student agreements.

Dean Christopher Edley Jr. is the current Dean of the Berkeley Law School (Boalt Hall).  He has a storied career (to say the least) of fighting for civil rights and working on race issues on the national/presidential level.  He’s also a frequent go-to man of President Yudof, having worked with President in the past and being assigned to various issues in the UC including transfer rates, and Commission on the Future (he chairs my working group Ed and Curriculum).  He, as you can also see in the picture, has a very impressive and bushy beard.

Quick Background:

B.A., Swarthmore College (1973)
J.D., Harvard University (1978)
M.P.P., Harvard University (1978)

Worked in Carter’s Administration – asst. director domestic affairs (welfare reform, food stamps, child welfare, disability issues, social security)

Worked in Clinton’s Administration – special counsel to President, directed review of affirmative action, and associate director for economics and government at the White House Office of Management and Budget.

Worked on Obama Campaign – Advisor, and transition team advisory board.

co-Founder Harvard Civil Rights Project

Interesting Facts:

Very Bushy Beard (VBB)

Speaks His Mind

Incredibly Charismatic Speaker


Regent Emeritus (Former Regent) Ward Connerly

Ward Connerly is going to be a big player at UCSD for exactly the opposite reason – he’s challenging the agreements between UCSD students and Chancellor Fox as unconstitutional in the State of California.  He also has the historical reputation to back that threat up.   He’s an avid anti-affirmative activist, and seeks to fight those kinds of policies everywhere he can, which apparently also includes the recent agreements reached at UCSD as a result of recent acts of racial hatred.

Wardell Anthony “Ward” Connerly is a former UC Regent, and the co-founder and chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute (they fight racial and gender preferences).  He’s most famous in California for spearheading Prop. 209 – which killed affirmative action in the state, and thus also diversity in the student body.  He’s also famous in the UC for Standing Policy 1 & 2, which killed affirmative action in the UC individually, and was later overturned by the Board of Regents.  He’s considered a Republican with a libertarian philosophy.

He’s gone on to lead Prop 209 (anti-affirmative action campaigns) in 7 other states, successfully in Florida, Michigan and Nebraska.  He definitely has the political history of derailing of something like the agreements between students and UCSD.

Quick Background:

B.A. for Sac State

Board member, California Chamber of Commerce

A lot of civil service positions in state housing agencies.

Interesting Facts:

College Student Body President

First big moves were to fight housing discrimination, went on to be a big player in housing agencies for the state

Very good friends with Former Gov. Pete Wilson, especially allied on anti-affirmative action programs.



4 responses to “2 New Players at UCSD – The Biographies

  1. So what standing does Ward Connerly currently have? He’s storming down here with lawyers to do…. what, on whose authority? He’s no longer a Regent, right? Is he just some personal defender of Prop 209? Weird.

  2. What a second, you can be a Regent with only BA?! I’m on the wrong career path!

  3. To the commentor above… It IS very rare for one to be a Regent with just a BA but since its all based on governor appointments, if you’re willing to play the role of the token Black Republican who can endorse and remove statewide guilt from issues of diversity and equity, then YOU may be selected.

  4. “very bushy beard” is “an intersting fact”? Seriously? What is that, don’t worry white people, he’s Santa?

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