Announcement: Womyn of Color Conference is coming up!

From the main website:

“Revolutionizing our Identities and Raising Consciousness”

The University of California, Santa Barbara would like to invite people of color and allies from institutions of education to join us for a weekend of celebration and empowerment at the Annual Womyn of Color Conference (WOCC). We would like to acknowledge and demonstrate that every issue is a womyn’s issue, empower womyn to embrace their diverse identities and encourage a safe space where everyone can openly share their experiences.

Taking place on April 24-25th, 2010 we plan on joining together to revolutionize our identities and raise consciousness within our communities. Through discussion we hope to gain a better understanding of our identities, expand our understanding of different backgrounds and grow as powerful individuals. This conference will allow individuals from all walks of life to unite by sharing their stories, experiences, struggles and creating lifelong connections along the way.

In Solidarity,

Womyn of Color Conference Planning Committee
University of California, Santa Barbara

*Deadline to Register is April 9th, 2010*

Register here


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