“I’m One In A Million” Scholarship Contest

One in a Million Flyer

Student Action Letter 2.17.10

We know there are a plethora of amazing student activists out there, so this is your opportunity to “tell California leaders why you and your peers are one in a million and why they should support college opportunity to help you reach your college dream” and win scholarship money!

via CollegeCampaign

Good Afternoon Student Leaders,
I must say how proud I am of your actions so far this month. I look forward to March 22nd and the big march that will surely turn the heads of legislators and media alike. In an effort to help with your advocacy. I wanted you to be the first to receive this student toolkit which may help in your work. The details below show what is included and please let me know if you have any questions. Today, the Campaign for College Opportunity has officially launched the “I’m One In A Million” Scholarship Contest! You will find the flyer included in this email to distribute on your campuses and networks. Please send out to everyone you know. I look forward to seeing all of you again soon and I will be in touch.

Student Advocacy Toolkit

As a student leader for higher education in California, the Campaign for College Opportunity wants to help you in mobilizing students and making them aware of the issues at hand. The message is clear; California needs one million more graduates by 2025 to keep up with workforce demands. We have created a “toolkit” to aid you in starting a “One Million More” Campaign on your campus. This kit will help you in your efforts to:

·       To raise awareness throughout the state for the need of one million additional college degrees in California by 2025.

·       To persuade California policymakers to establish clear goals for higher education that ensures access to attend college and promote student success and prioritize funding accordingly.

·       To provide media exposure for student issues and to the impending California workforce shortage.

We have included in this kit:
·      “I’m One in a Million” Scholarship Contest Flyer: This is our first scholarship contest for college students in California. We are looking to you to disseminate this to your contacts, fellow students and classmates.  You can enter in a written word, poster or television ad entry. Please see the flyer for further information on contest rules.

·      Student Letter to the Governor: As part of a letter writing campaign, you can give your fellow students the opportunity to make their voice heard by writing a letter to Governor Schwarzenegger. You may collect signatures and send them back to us so we can send all of the letters we receive directly to his office.

The materials in this kit are for you to use in anyway you see fit. Please just keep us abreast of whatever activities you will be working on and we will try and assist you if possible. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites to start your campaigns and make sure to let us know so we can also promote it on our Facebook (The Campaign for College Opportunity) and Twitter (CollegeOpp).  Good luck, you and your efforts are instrumental in keeping college access and success a reality for students statewide!


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