The Briefing: March Regents Meeting and Commission on the Future

Every week before the bimonthly Regents meeting, the Student Regents are given a 1000 page binder, with the materials and items that will be discussed during the 3 day meeting.  The materials are also released online here.

These materials are nearly impossible to finish, are loaded with background knowledge upon background knowledge (with a substantial amount of already known background knowledge needed to translate), and protocols and practices of the UC.  They also don’t come with any pretty pictures (usually).

That’s why the days before the actual meeting, the office of the Student Regent is giving you THE BRIEFING: The March Regent’s Meeting (23rd-25th) and Commission on the Future meeting (23rd).

We have the most important issues (to students) listed here – each with link to a post with a short brief about what they are, what to look out for, and how the affect you.  We read the materials because it is our job.  And so you don’t have to.

We’ve also cleverly set the most important issues to the music of Jay Z: Blueprint 3.  It’s the Blueprint 3 UCRegentLive Mix.

Track 1 – What We Talkin’ Bout. Commission on the Future Meeting

Track 2 – Thank You, Annual Report on Sustainability Practices

Track 3 – Untitled, Updates on Campus Incidents, Davis, Irvine, and San Diego Campuses

Track 4 – D.O.A. (Death of Autotune), Update on the 2010-11 UC Budget/UC Advocacy Initiatives (2 items)

Track 5 – Reminder, Adoption of Statement Clarifying UC’s Student Fee Policies

Don’t forget that we will be liveblogging the Regent’s Meeting on this website, from Tuesday’s Commission on the Future meeting to Thursday’s End of the Regents Meeting!  Be sure to check back in!


3 responses to “The Briefing: March Regents Meeting and Commission on the Future

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