LIVEBLOG: Access and Affordability Workgroup

This one is chaired by Student Regent Bernal and Anteater Chancellor Michael Drake.  There have a lot of recommendations here…

The big ones: 1) commiting to CA residents, even as we think about more non-residents. 2) AB540 students (undocumented students) getting institutional financial aid (UC Grants) and 3) doing a cohort based fee schedule (fees would be locked in for your entire four years, but would increase drastically for every incoming freshmen class), 4) Changing the name of Education fees to “tutition”.

AB540 institutional aid: Regent Bernal says that this group of students are high-achieving students who have been in CA since infants.  Many didn’t know they were undocumented until they applied for college.  The average GPA of undocumented students is 3.8, while documented students is around 3.7.

Yudof jumps in to clarify – this policy is federally mandated to not fund undocumented students…the legal implications are difficult unless we pass a bill in the State Government or Federal Government…but he supports the idea.

Multi-year fee schedule: Your fees would be set and locked in during your freshmen year and would hold at a fixed rate for every year.  But this would mean large fee increases for incoming freshmen every year.

Interesting leverage it would create against the state: This would mean that the state couldn’t assume that the UC could just raise student fees to raise revenues against funds that were cut – they would be forced to recognize the hurt they would be having on the Univesrity.

Rename Education Fee as “tuition”: Tuition is more commonly understood, but that would mean that the UC would violate the Master Plan which says that we should be “tuition free”…but the issue is really is that Education Fee is already pretty much tuition already.

Art Pulaski: There is a donut hole for middle class students – who are not covered by financial aid, but can’t afford the increased fees.  Predictablility is great for those middle-class students, thsi would help cover the donut hole.


One response to “LIVEBLOG: Access and Affordability Workgroup

  1. I think that one drawback of a multi-year fee schedule that my supervisor recently brought up was the decrease of student activism. While it is true that we are constantly fighting for higher education for not only ourselves but also our brothers and sisters, when the problem of high fees only affects the next generation of students, then the level of student activism is expected to decrease. This might be the administration’s way of stopping us from fighting for education as a right.

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