LIVEBLOG: Ed and Curriculum Working Group

Liveblog: We’re moving onto the Ed and Curriculum Working Group (disclaimer, I sat on this working group)

It appears that not all the working groups are presenting all their recommendations – I’ll be putting on the full list and a breakdown of each of them later!  Focus in on the recommendations here that focus on graduating undergrads in 3 years, exploring online undergraduate instruction.

Recommendation 1: To move undergrads as fast as possible through the system.  Increase undegrad grad rates in 4 years, and also create 3year undergrad degree.  The current rates of undergrad rates for 4 years – around 58%.  This is not a cost-savings measure, but more of a way to putting students as soon as possible.  this actually might increase costs because the classes will needed to be offered more often to get students the classes they need on time.

Also, The creation of a 3 year undergrad degree would come with incentives – if you commit to doing the 3 year…then you may get a fixed tuition for all three years (no increases), you’d have to use all your AP credits as possible, you can’t really change majors, etc.etc.  This would be a relatively small number of students.  It should be noted that these efforts were once tried in 1994, 1995 in a four year commitment program, but it didn’t really create great demand.

Recommendation 2: Online Instruction.  This is a controversial recommendation – it’d put out a pilot study for studying how a class could be taught entirely online.  This has opportunities for distance learning, also increasign the number of students who could take impacted classes.  However, there are a lot of pedagogical concerns with this – how quality is the education, what about faculty-student interaction etc.etc.  A lot of roadblocks, which the pilot would explore.

Yudof: What is the committee’s thoughts on system-wide academic framework…i think he’s trying to point to whetehr we could get one department in one school, and say that we can’t afford to create the same department in the other school…issues.  Williams: This would provide the tools so some of those observations could be made about duplication of efforts, etc.etc.

Lozano: What are the cost efficiencies and demands to three year program?  Response: The summer sessions are significantly showed demand when there are fee buyout programs.

Gould: This could significantly increase access for this kind of thing!

Warren Hellman: ARe there current models by other first-rate univesrities using online instruction? Response: No, we’d be setting up that model for the world.  So it’d be a new model for us.


One response to “LIVEBLOG: Ed and Curriculum Working Group

  1. I think for certain majors, a three year degree is possible. I know I personally finished in 3 years due to excessive summer school and AP units. I think it would be in the best interest of this committee to help facilitate this process – however, I don’t think that there should be any decreased requirements for students attempting to attain this three year degree.

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