LIVEBLOG: Funding Strategies Work Group

There are a lot of recommendations on the Funding Strategies – a lot of them are controversial.  We’ll try and go through as many as possible.

1) Public Campaign about the UC

“The trend of state funding must be reversed if it is to succeed.  We must run a public campaign to reverse the opinion of leaders across the state and educate them about the need of the UC.

2) Charging indirect cost recovery on federal and non-federally funded research.

This is a really complex calculation – but indirect cost recovery is a funding that on research where grants are charged for the indirect costs of research (like electricity usage, facilities, etc.etc.).  UC gets around 25% less than we should be getting for ICR.  More about ICR soon!

3) Multiyear strategy to replace student fees (not cohort based, but placing a fixed fee increase)

They have multiple projections – for 5% a year, they would create less than 100m a year.  for 10$, it’d be around 200m/year, or 983m in five years.  for 15, it’d be around 300m/year, or 1.63b by 2015.  Compare this against this 4.6b gap predicted in 2015 – it’s definitely not a catchall solution.

4) Increase enrollment of nonresident undergraduates

5) Advocate for institutional grant called “Pell PLUS” – giving universities more money (not through the student grant, but directly from the institution) if they have 25% Pell, and 50% graduation rate .

6) Differential Tuition by Campus.

Lozano – I’m confused by what you’ve characterized as low, moderate, high.  10% is not necessarily moderate, it’s actually rather high…waht else can we do, where we look at our original parameters.


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