LIVEBLOG: Research Strategies Workgroup

The big recommendation here is the recommendation that we more aggressively pursue indirect cost recovery.  Indirect cost recovery (as I understand it) is the recovery of the expenses that we spend on indirect costs – such as using buildings, electricity, or overhead.  Etc.etc.

ICR is the charge placed on the grants – the amount of ICR is negotiated between the UC and the extramural sponsor.

The University currently receives 780million per year on indirect cost recovery.  However, the actual ICR should be around 1.5b.  So we’re only really recieving our 50% of the amount that we’re getting.  Our comparitive insituttions, we’re 15-18% behind on our indirect cost recovery.  We haven’t done as a good of a job of ICR as we have in other institutions – they’ve done better in the neogitations than we have, especially versus the federal government.


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