Liveblog: Size and Shape Working Group

Size and Shape working group is coming up to give their first round of Recommendations…

The Chairs are Chancellor Blumenthal of Banana Slugs (UCSC) and Profession Cynthia Brown (UCSB Gauchos).  They’re currently talking about framing language – comments that they want to say before they give their recommendations.  I’d note to pay close attention to their first recommendation.

Recommendation 1: To increase the # and proportion of non-resident students at the undergrad level.

The rationale includes to increase the diversity and experience of the Univesrity undergrads.  Also new revenue.  Also because non-res students remain in the state for economic development of the state.

Recommendation 2: To revamp and approve the transfer website program to make it easier for students to transfer from CCC to CSU or UC.  I totaly agree. is really whack currently.  check it out  Assist is meant to tell students how their classes at CCC will transfer over to UC or CSU – right now it’s extremely old in internet years.  ASSIST: The Next Generation (like the star trek) is what is being proposed, which may be extremely expensive, but will also change the website into academic advising.

Recommendation 5: Promoting adminsistrative efficiencies by using more strategic planning of the UC by using the size of the 10 campuses to do bulk actions.

Lozano: doesn’t think that the real point of the workgroup was made in the recommendations – they didn’t address how they will be able to utilize the size and shape of the Univesrity in regards to the academic core.  Blumenthal says that larger and high-ball ideas will be given in the second round of the University.

Victor Sanchez: Notes also ethnic and geographic diversity of CA.  How will you know that you are serving california residents if the non-residents are increased? Brown: the proposal recommends only increase non-residents if resident students will not take a hit.  So it’s addition that would increase the pie.  They would like to think it would increase the expanse of experience.

Art Pulaski (AFL-CIO): There are 12K extra dollars gained when non-residents.  Think about the obligation we have to the children of CA.  Also I think we need to stress diminishing political returns.  Administrative redundancies…is good and important politically.

Jesse Bernal: How do we know that community college students that are transfering in are people of color, and other marginalized communities? Blumenthal: That’s true normally, but this year it’s changed – the trending has difference.

(Note: @UCStudentRegent (jesse bernal) just got told about how to use the mic =P )

As always – I can see my friends protesting outside the Regents meeting.  Holla back. =D

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