Liveblog Starts Now! CoTF Opening Remarks!

The Liveblog has started now!  The Commission on the Future (CoTF) Opening Remarks from Chair Gould, President Yudof, and (my favorite) Academic Senate Chair Powell!

Gould: There is a 20b gap in the budget…the special session of the legialture makes it seem like they’re waiting for some magical revenue to appear – he is skeptical.  There has been an increase of 2b in revenue increases since the last projections, which is good news, and we may be recieving soemthing around 3b from our Federal Government ask (which was around 6B).  This is good, but far from enough.

Yudof: please keep in mind that this is a brave first take of the proposals – this is part of the healthy process of airing different thoughts.

This is an exciting session – there are a lot of people in the public comment today, and a lot of people are in line to still get in!  There will definitely be a lot of interesting, controversial proposals presented today!

Powell: (Note, I’m behind on the blog now because I’ve had to hold down the microphone for Chair Powell) – There’s a document that was drafted by faculty that outlines the public good.  it’s a really great writing, i’ve seen it, i’ll try and get it posted on the blog soon!


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