ReWrite: Inclusion of “Private Comparison” to Professional Degree Fees

I got called out in my last couple blog posts for being a really bad writer (which is true), especially one the one titled “So…The Disappearing Crossing-Out-“Public”Item…Awkward Turtle…”.  So I wanted to take another shot at the blog post with clearer language.

On March 11th, 2010 SF Chronicle reported,

If professional schools within the University of California want to raise student fees, they might soon be allowed to set new prices by considering what private universities are charging.
Current UC policy requires that new fees be no higher than the average cost of comparable public schools.
But when UC’s regents meet in San Francisco later this month, they will consider changing the policy by removing one word: “public.”

The slight issue with this article is that I can’t seem to find that policy change anywhere on the upcoming Regents meeting agenda.  You can check out the Regents Meeting Agenda here online. So while such a policy change may exist out there in the UC being discussed right now, it’s definitely not up for a vote yet, at least in the upcoming Regents meeting.  So the UC’s regents will not be considering such a change in the policy in March.  I thought it might be important for students to note this, because I know word has been going around about it.  I want to say this doesn’t mean I think student shouldn’t be talking about this policy change – I think it should be thoroughly discussed within the UC community!  I just don’t want anyone to be misinformed after the March Regents meeting is over (twitter hashtag I’ll be using for the meeting is #MarchRegents) that somehow that policy has been changed!

Sorry again for the rambling writing last time with the last post, I hope this one clears it up!


2 responses to “ReWrite: Inclusion of “Private Comparison” to Professional Degree Fees

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