Liveblog: Accountability Subreport on Admissions

It’s the first time that admissions have ever had an accountability subreport!  They will be reporting on trends in the UC campuses on enrollments and admissions!

All the campuses have had increasing applications – but all our campuses have become more and more selective as time goes on.  This is worrying in our public perception and how we’re valued in the public.  Because we’ve cut enrollments, we’re disappointing more and mroe california families, and makign us less valuable to them.  We need to expand our enrollment size, for us to become more relevant to the system.

The Racial/Ethnic diversity in our campus is incredibly difficult.  Chicano Latino has grown somewhat, Asian American has grown steadily, Whites have continued to decrease over the last ten years.

However, African Americans have stayed stable…and low.  And Native American population stays at zero.

This is difficult because the black population in CA is also not growing.  But the UC can also do more.

Our black application rates are consistently low.  The one jump we’ve had significantly, was UCSB in 2007-2008.  That jump was because UCSB was extremely creative in recruiting african americans – suggesting it is possible. Our black admit rates are declining – both because of our selectivity increasing (and they come from ill-prepared schools) and because of Prop 209.  Our Yield rates – UCSD is significantly lower than ANY OTHER CAMPUS IN THE SYSTEM. Drastically.  In a line graph, their line is hanging out there way at the bottom, alone.

What can we do – we must do better in recruiting and outreach – many of issues come from low applications rates, low admit rates from the campuses, and low yield rates because of campus climates.  So all three parts of the admission process have serious issues in african american yield.  Dang.


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