Liveblog: Diversity Issues at UCSD, UCD

11:11AM – Regent Island refutes back.  There is something insulting about the admissions practices that produce 1.3% african americans at UCSD – you cannot say there is not something wrong there.

10:50AM Academic Vice Chair Simmons: we do not admit students solely on basis of GPA and test scores.  He’ refuting Regent Island’s remarks.  We are working on a holistic admissions – the problem is not our admissions process.  Our problem is far, far deeper than the Regents working on our admissions process – and the Regent Island is welcome to share his input to the faculty.  Diversity is important to the faculty and to the UC.

10:50 Alumni Regent Gunn: Speaking as a parent of two African American children in UC.  We are committed you being safe, and that you have the opportunities.

10:50AM Regent Bernal: we’ll be posting his full statement (because he’s the student regent) in another post!  sorry, but check back soon!

10:50AM Regent Reiss: Silence is never an option.  She’s also taken kind of a turn in asking the Speaker to take a stand for fully funding education.  We need to move towards this direction.

10:50AM Regent Lansing: Why don’t we have curriculum requirements for diversity or history classes that teaches about diversity?  Why don’t we make all students take them??  It’s about education and wiping ignorance.

10:40AM REgent Island – I want to extend a personal apology to every student…who was hurt by these incidents and have heard about them.  We have failed to provide a nurtuing environment – and we have failed.  And we must now take the responsibility of moving better.

The answer is in admissions – the faculty who have created the admissions practices.  We (Regents) have to take it back, if it will not be reformed.  We must do what must be done.  We must reform admission practices.

We are a minority majority state.  You wouldn’t know that if you looked at UC campuses.  Prop 209 is not a problem, K-12 is not a problem.  But Prop 209 doesn’t set the admission standards – we do that.  But we are the ones who put in GPA and SAT scores over other jsut as valid human traits.

Faculty, accept the criticism about your admissions practices.  I believe they are fair.  See if you could develop a proposal that would be fair, and take into account of all human traits, not just the good test takers, and will uphold the diversity.  That is the challenge.

10:23AM Chris Edley, special advisory to UCSD

He’s very impressed with students, asking the Regents to bear taht in mind ehwne they hear the student’s statements.  He’s now talking about his personal story as a person of color in Harvard, and also a Dean at Berkeley Law – and how strong students of color at Berkeley Law, they were forced to come together in survival and self-defense in the aftermath of Prop209.

He notes that there are some individuals involved that are indifferent to the issues, but the leadership have good intentions. This dysfunctionality about difference, he says, is universal.  We should have realistic expectations of any one community to change.  The list of agreements would deserve a very solid A – very solid, real changes to be made.

Teh big thing about that though, is implementation – multi-constitutent transparency and accountability mechanism is needed, but also how it can be measured by what is being accomplished.  Implementation doesn’t have a great track record – we’ve done a lot of reports but not as much as implementation.  We need to track and do these metrics that we use in our academic research.

The first amendment does not prevent the University to be silent – we can do high decibel positions about race, and take high decibel issues for racial and social justice.

10:11AM Provost Pitts – Frustrated at the slow pace our reforms are moving – we must move more determinedly.  “ONce students are on campus, what environment surrounds them?” (via JusticeUCSD)

Chancellor Katahei (Davis) –  talking about the issue of LGBT vandalism and the swatizka carved in the door.  An emergency meeting of a recommendation of student groups, staff, faculty, admin, who will craft recommendations for the Chancellor.

Also, she’s doing a whole year’s programming of speakers speaking to principles of community.

Online course for prinicples of community – exploring how to integrate it into the curriculum.

Sought counsel from Anti-Defamation League, spoke with Rabbis, and joining Rabbis from the museum of tolerance, and doing the “training the trainers” program.

Also, public reaffirmation of principles of community.

Chancellor Fox (UCSD) – individuals who violated the prinicples of community must  be addressed and discipline/charges.  We will do so quickly.  There is a commitment about common goals to be reached btw BSU leadership and Chancellor Fox.

Actions that were taken:

Admissions – to encourage yield rates, we are funding Student run yield program and outreach program.  Also diversifying grad student population pool.  We admit far more AfAm students, but we struggle with convincing them to come to UCSD.  Yield is a major issue.

Climite – Campus Climate Commission.  Enhancing our bias reporting system, for prompt and professional response.

Students – We’ve redoubled efforts to raise funds with financial need…development staff is working on AfAm, Native, ad ChicanoLatino resource centers.

Faculty – Recruitment, retentino of underrepresented faculty.  Best practices for identifying a diverse pool of candidates.  Reactiviate 6 unfilled position dedicated towards African Diaspora, and CA native cultures.  3 popsitions directed to be diverse.

Curriculum – staffing for AfAm and ChicLat minors.  Diversity requirements for course requirements.

Culture – serveral appropriate places on campus for art displays.  Permanent chicano legacy mural.

Long-Range action plans with alumni, students, faculty, staff to address diversity issues.


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